Your Choices Today Affect The Children In Your Classroom.

The School Strikes for Climate Change revealed a cause that so many young people are passionately fighting for. We know that solving the Climate Crisis is no easy task, and there is no single solution - unless we all do our part. That is why, at EdUnity, we want to give schools like yours the option to choose more sustainably.


To Ask Less of the Planet, we are Asking More of Ourselves.

The Environment is a Core Focus.

We are asking the questions that need to be asked and taking a holistic approach to solving them. Environment forms one of our core innovation focuses alongside Communities and Internet-of-Things (IoT). This means we are committed to investing significantly in our environmental agenda.


Powering a Global Solution on Renewable Energy

Goal: Carbon Negative By 2025

Every day people around the world rely on EdUnity - we want to get to a point where we ensure that the power we draw to deliver this is done so using 100% renewable resources. We have already taken steps to reduce our power consumption, and operate EdUnity in some of the world's most efficient Data Centres achieving consistently high Power Usage Efficiency (PUE) ratings.

Power Plug

Aspiring to Be Carbon Negative

Goal: Carbon Negative By 2025

Many of our Sustainability Initiatives revolve around helping schools to utilise technology to cut down their respective Carbon Footprint emissions, whether by going digital or implementing sustainability driven initiatives. However, at the same time - we are taking steps needed to put EdUnity on a Carbon Negative agenda. We are working to be Carbon Negative across energy and direct emissions by 2025.

yOur choices today, will affect the children in your classroom.

Scale Back CO2 Emissions

Every time a letter, SMS or even email is sent, it grows our digital carbon footprint. Doing things like simply deleting emails can make a massive difference, but we often don't. If every school in the United Kingdom, swapped to EdUnity we could reduce CO2 footprint emissions by 15,000 tonnes (that is the equivalent to driving 37 million miles). It's a small change to make, but together, we can make a big difference.
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