Our Story

Our mission is to unite the world’s education and make it universally useful.

Ultimately our core purposes boils down to a single word, “unity”. We are constantly asking ourselves, is what we are doing helping to unite the bridge between education and technology? Our core goal is to use technology to enhance and augment the way schools can work from parental engagement to achieving increased administrative productivity.
We have always endeavoured to share the power of app technology with schools.


About EdUnity

We see school mobile apps as the perfect answer to engaging with parents and students, from bringing together the latest school trip photos and news, to term dates, forms and more - all in one place, saving your school time and money.

Our founding expertise has always been in app design, and since our launch, with a student-led Revision App, we've always endeavoured to share the power of app technology with schools and educational establishments. It's this expertise which allows us to be able to deliver carefully thought out and well-executed apps that improve engagement while saving time and money for schools.

In today’s world, you only need to ask, “who nowadays leaves home without a smartphone?” As a society, we’ve become more and more integrated with our smart devices in our everyday lives. At EdUnity, we think this is fascinating. Smartphones have the power to disrupt, from their applications in medical and scientific research to the ability to instantly connect over 7 billion people around the world. Our belief, is that smartphones - also have the potential to change the way schools can work.
Our brand name is synonymous with what we stand for - Unity.


"EdUnity seeks to help simplify the school-tech ecosystem, taking away some of the traditional headaches of EdTech deployment and management for schools."

Co-Founder & CEO