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Our team brings together a wide range of experience and expertise in the Education Technology sector. We passionately believe in the potential of technology to help schools and education globally, a belief that remains fundamental to our mission today.

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Our founders met whilst at school themselves, driven to help their school achieve a better and more interconnected school ecosystem. Today, the same founding team supports schools around the world in EdUnity's vision for a more connected school-tech ecosystem.

Jasmin Malcolm

Junior Marketing Associate

Tim Collins

Co-Founder & CEO

Tim Collins is a Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer at EdUnity where he works closely with many of our clients and partners in our search for delivering world-class school-tech solutions.

Tom Dee

Co-Founder & COO

Tom Dee is a Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer at EdUnity where he handles operational matters and much of our work with partners, clients and distributors.

Ben Harland

Co-Founder & CMO

Ben Harland is a Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer and Head of Product at EdUnity where he spends much of his time working closely with our Clients and Partners.

Using EdTech, we wanted to redefine the relationship between school and home.

Ben Harland, Co-Founder

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Ben Harland is a Co-Founder at EdUnity and head of Product & Marketing.