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EdUnity is an ideal partner for Governments, School Districts and Local Authorities seeking to modernise their education infrastructure. Offering highly customisable apps, we help the Public Sector future proof their education infrastructure.

EdUnity School Communication and Parental Engagement App

Smart Cities Start With Smart Education.

EdUnity helps Governments modernise their education infrastructure.

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On average, 36% of our lives revolve around education, whether that's time spent learning, dropping children off at school or supporting with homework. It is matched only by time spent at work and is a core reason why any smart city agenda, needs to put education as a core focus.

One of our primary goals is to design cutting edge education solutions, that work seamlessly within an integrated living approach.

Discover How Schools Could Save £8,000 a Year

Our team work to design solutions that address core problems and create new opportunities. British schools lose an estimated £8,000 (US$11,000) a year simply on school food waste.

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With an ever increasing level of food waste in school cafeterias, it remains a significant portion of financial waste in schools. Food waste is estimated to cost as much as £52.80 per pupil each year.

By adding a simple restaurant ordering system to a School's App, students have the ability to order food in the mornings allowing for the preparation of food to order, cutting waste and saving money.

It also allows students to keep a history log of their food activities, and allows parents to check their child's lunchtime orders.

The system can also be enhanced to add support for cashless catering, meal plans and a great deal more.

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If you are ready to get started, reach out to us and we will connect you with a School Solutions Advisor to explore whether EdUnity is a good fit for your school.

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Custom Solutions for School Apps

EdUnity for Government allows you to choose from over 100+ app features and design options to create tailored School Apps, but more often than not, it's our ability to create custom solutions that is particularly beneficial to Governments and Districts. See some of the solutions we've designed.

Integration: School Management Information Systems

We can securely connect your School Applications with a centralised Management Information System. This is an effective way to enable features such as secure login for verified parents, staff and students - or go beyond by providing Academic and Progress reporting features.

Homework Management

Your School App's functionality can be extended to incorporate 3rd party programmes and systems that your schools may be using. Among these, include Homework Management - making it easy for parents and students to access their school assignments on the go.

Language Translation

In particularly urban areas, Schools can be faced with challenging situations where they have to communicate with parents in alternative languages. For this reason, we can design School Apps that incorporate Artificial Intelligence to provide accurate and real-time translations in more than 70 languages.

Custom Solutions

This is where our team comes in, why not reach out to us and see how we can help. Among the solutions we have conceptualised include School Bus Tracking, Remote Learning, School Cafeteria Ordering and Grade Tracking. Simply contact us and we will be happy to explore  requirements further.

Specialists in School Mobile App Technology

EdUnity's Government Solutions blend our standard features with the ability to create complex and highly integrated school-tech ecosystems.

Frequently Asked Questions

See some of our frequently asked questions. Did you know you can also tweet us @EdUnityOfficial with your questions?

What is a School App?

A School App, also known as a "School Mobile Application" is a piece of software which can be installed on a mobile, tablet or other smart device. School Apps are used for a wide range of purposes including parent communication, information sharing and school software management. School Apps should not be confused with portals, parent or gateway apps that offer a more restrictive set of features and limitations.

How are EdUnity Apps Different to Other School Apps?

EdUnity School Apps are built specifically to the school allowing for customisation of the design, features and functionality. Other School App providers can market services as 'Parent Apps' or 'Gateways' that can be downloaded to a mobile device and used in limited ways. These services, usually require schools to share a universal app which can limit functionality and negatively impair performance. Applications that are built specifically to a school's requirements allow for a better understanding of long-term needs and will ensure technology scales appropriately.

How Are Solutions Designed for Governments and Districts?

Our team will consult with you on key priorities and ambitions. Our team is particularly skilled at dissecting complex problems and finding opportunities to solve them using technology. When we have a good idea of key goals, we will put together initial proposals and roadmaps that allow us to clearly establish requirements. The collaborative nature of our work, means we tend to prefer to design solutions in close consultation with a 'hands-on' approach.

Can We Extend Features and Customisations In The Future?

Yes! One of the benefits to the EdUnity ecosystem, is the flexible approach when it comes to features. Governments and School Districts can opt to add features and customisations at any point - making it ideal when designing Education Technology plans that span over multiple years. This allows you to prioritise the most critical needs, but extend and maximise potential over time.

How Can I Get In Touch?

You can reach us by emailing or calling us on +44 (0) 2045 385 505. Alternatively, you can also speak to our team right now using the Live Chat on our website.