How Often Should We Be Sharing School News?

Sharing School News is a great way to help families feel involved when it comes to school-life. Whether it’s celebrating the achievements of one of your school’s sports team, sharing the latest school activities or an important piece of information - School News offers an easy way to keep everyone on the same page.

Ensuring that your School News is regularly refreshed and up to date will help keep parents informed.

So exactly, how often should you be sharing news as a school?

We would suggest 2-3 times a week, is the sweet spot. Mixing this up with some celebrations, information and generally showcasing what’s happening inside school will allow families to feel involved and share in what’s going on at school. For your more significant pieces of news, it would be good practice to also share your post with a notification. This will help draw attention to more important posts.

You may be thinking, sharing 2-3 posts a week sounds great - but it’s also a lot of work, and so how does that fit into an already busy school week? We have a couple of suggestions to help you balance your work and still maintain great levels of engagement.

#1: Use the Scheduling Option

Did you know you can schedule your posts? This means, if it’s 2pm on a Wednesday afternoon when you have some time to draft some posts - you can write them all out for the next week, and schedule them to go out on different days. Scheduling lets you write when it’s convenient, while still being able to achieve regular posting and a consistent supply of school news.

#2: Get Others to Share News Too

You can add multiple Staff and Admin accounts to your School App, to allow other users to also share posts and news. This way, your News Stream will be buzzing with the latest insights and activities - without pressuring your workload even more.

#3: Turn On Comments

Allowing user comments, and responding is a good way to promote engagement. Whether you reply with just a few emojis to comments from your parents, or more detailed replies is up to you - but it conveys the message that “we’re listening to you, and responding” - validating parents and building a stronger school-family connection.

#4: View the Analytics

Our School Apps monitor usage levels, and Analytics lets you overview how often parents are using your School’s App and what for. If you need some help with this, simply open a chat with one of our Product Specialists in Live Chat. They will be able to help you understand the App Analytics in an easy way, and make tailored recommendations for your school.