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Built for EdTech
Schools are tired of an app for every platform, and education businesses are spending millions every year on unused apps. Something has to change.
EdUnity Developer offers a cross-platform development framework that let's Schools add and use your service within their existing school apps, and still lets you publish your apps standalone to the App Store and Google Play for schools who don't yet have a school app. One development framework, covering every platform.
EdUnity Developer


Is EdUnity?
EdUnity provides apps directly to schools, colleges and universities that can be used by educators, students and parents. Each app can be tailored to a school's requirements to manage everything from communications and school news too accessing third-party platforms and services. We work with third-parties and educational businesses who have a vested interest in making sure their platform can be added to, and works inside a school’s app.

Maybe you provide an eLearning Platform, or a School Management System? With EdUnity, you can now make it easier than ever before for schools to get started with your service. With EdUnity, it's one click to make your service instantly available to everyone in school.
EdUnity Developer


Build for EdUnity?
EdUnity is the only platform designed especially for great EdTech. As a hybrid framework, building once for EdUnity means you can ensure your apps are built to last. All apps support integration with a School's existing app, or can be used standalone on iOS and Android. One framework, across three key development environments.

Technical Benefits
Building an application (especially one for education) can be complicated. Due to the nature of our platform, EdUnity is built to offer quicker and easier development for developers, as the base foundations for an app and core functionality (such as Push Notifications & the App Foundations) are already embedded into the framework. We consider each application a “module” that can be added into a school’s individual app or published as a standalone app so time is spent on crafting the user experience, not. the mechanics.

Commercial Benefits
EdUnity works closely with integration partners to offer extensive commercial support, including consultancy, as well as marketing campaigns and exposure. Our team can offer extensive support around product, marketing, communications strategies and brand exposure.
EdUnity Developer


for EdTechs
Schools are tired of endless apps for every platform, it creates problems to manage and issues for deployment, so apps are rarely used effectively. With EdUnity, this changes - because we can automate routine admin (such as onboarding users) and deploy your service to everyone in seconds, not weeks. It's why, Apps that work with EdUnity are a firm favourite for many clients and schools across our partner network.

Building for EdUnity is easier than you think too! Due to our unique framework, it's often quicker and cheaper than traditional app development but yields the same end result. Plus with our network of developers, we can connect you to those with expertise in the EdUnity Framework.

By integrating with EdUnity you can improve data flows between your app and schools, you can streamline deployment processes, and improve your technical offerings. Our extensive commercial support also means we're committed to expanding your reach of schools as you join our Partner Network.
EdUnity Developer


for Schools
Make your apps work for you with EdUnity! EdUnity compatible apps can be added to your School's very own app, for instant and hassle-free deployment across your School. Simply choose the services you want to add, and EdUnity takes care of the rest.

Automated Deployment
Add services in just a click, any EdUnity compatible service can be added to your School's App and made available to everyone in your School.

Secure Data Flow and Management
Securely manage the data that can be shared between your School and third-parties. You can choose to auto-enrol students onto services you enable, whilst doing so within our GDPR and Data Management set-up.

Familiar User Experience
All services inherit your app's overall design and feel, so navigating and getting started feels like a breeze. Keep things simple and make onboarding easy.
EdUnity Developer


for Developers
The EdTech landscape is complex and ‘eLearning Platforms’ simply don’t cut it anymore. Schools and educators demand more and the best EdTech needs to deliver on this. EdUnity is a strategic partner for technical developers in the Education sector and here is how we can help you:

• We provide a cutting edge framework you can provide to EdTech clients to get a competitive advantage
• We can support and provide consultancy on the EdTech market, direction and customer needs
• We prefer to work directly with Technical Partners who already bring a technical understanding
• Our framework can offer your clients an added value
• We can link you to Education Companies seeking Development/Technical Resources
Coming Soon
Stay Tuned
EdUnity Developer is now looking for forward-thinking education companies and developer agencies to be among the first to join the EdUnity Developer Program. You can register for more information and to connect with a Solutions Expert.
EdUnity Developer


as an Education Business
Are you an education organisation interested in understanding how EdUnity Developer could help you? Contact us and we will connect you with a Solutions Advisor who will be happy to explore your requirements.
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EdUnity Developer


as a Developer Agency
Are you a Developer Agency or Enterprise looking to ensure your next Education Apps are built to last? EdUnity Developer offers access to training, developer documentation, certification and engineer support. Developer Agency memberships start at €1,000 a year which optional training and certification programs.
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