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Developing EdTech applications and software for schools can be a daunting process. At EdUnity, we help businesses build applications that schools love - addressing key challenges in education including implementation and deployment, user experience and data management.

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Building EdTech Applications for

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A Technical Framework Built for EdTech

Schools Are Tired of an App for Every Service

EdUnity Developer offers a cross-platform development framework for EdTech Development. Our framework lets you build apps compatible with EdUnity, so schools can use your service within their school's existing app. Apps can still be published for the App Store and Google Play. One development framework, covering every platform.

School Bus Tracking App

Lets parents and students track the school bus, receive automated alerts in case of delay and pick up reminders.

See How It Works


How it Works

The service uses an API to link a School Bus Tracking Service which submits real-time updates about the status of the bus.


If the School Bus is delayed, the service is configured to automatically notify the relevant parents and/or students. Notifications are also be configured for pick up reminders and safeguarding notices to inform parents their child has arrived or is in transit.

Why Build Your Apps on Our Frameworks?

A Framework Built for EdTechs

Due to the nature of our platform, EdUnity is built to offer quicker and easier development. The core foundations for any app such as the Core User Interface, Push Notifications and Privacy Settings are already embedded into the framework. This means you can spend more time building the user experience, rather than the mechanics of the app.

Why Schools Prefer Apps Compatible with EdUnity?

Easier for Schools to Use and Manage

Schools use countless digital platforms and services everyday. Managing multiple apps can present challenges from deployment, to data privacy and the learning curve associated with new apps. EdUnity allows schools to put an end to this, using their existing app as a hub for all their school services.

Our Framework


The EdUnity Framework is based on the Ionic and Zend Frameworks to deliver a Cross-Platform experience and uses JavaScript and PHP as the predominant development languages.

Help, We Don't Have Developers!

Access Certified Developers

We know not every education company has the technical expertise to build app's in-house. This is why we have partnered with a range of Development Agencies that are able to work with our Frameworks and build apps for education.


EdUnity Developer Program

Discover some of our most asked questions about the EdUnity Developer Program.

What Types of EdTech Should Integrate?

The use cases for integration vary, however, companies that we integrate with will typically serve 1 or more of the following user groups; students, teachers or parents. If one of these groups are your target audience, then building your service so it works with a School's App can have significant benefits across usability, implementation and help optimise your product.

What Would Be the Difference Between Developing on EdUnity versus Native Code-Stacks?

EdUnity is built on a hybrid code-stack, this means you can develop once - and it works across a number of platforms. The end product is no different to building using traditional code stacks or frameworks. The only difference is, aside from working on iOS and the App Store - your service can also work within a School's App. By using our frameworks, development is often quicker and therefore reduces costs. We also keep our frameworks up to date to support the latest devices and technologies so you don't have to.

What Kind of Apps Wouldn't Be Suitable for Development on EdUnity?

Though possible, applications which use Virtual Reality (VR) or Augmented Reality (AR) often work best using Native frameworks. Aside from this a wide range of applications can be suitable.

What Kind of Apps Would Work Well for Development on EdUnity?

EdUnity is especially good for systems such as Learning Management Systems (LMS), School Management Information Systems (MIS), School Administrative Tools (Bus Tracking/Classroom Feedback), eLearning Content (eBooks, Audio/Video apps) School Uniform Suppliers and much more. We would encourage reaching out if you want to discuss the use cases around your product and explore if EdUnity could be beneficial.

How Do I Get Started?

Please contact us to get started and a member of the team will reach out to explore your use case and advise on different options available.


Benefits for Schools

Discover why schools look for suppliers that work with their school's app.

Automated Deployment

One of the biggest challenges for school's is managing multiple different systems. When each service has its own app, and every app requires its own user account - you can begin to understand why for a school with 500 pupils, 1000 parents and 50 teachers - life can get a little daunting.

This changes with apps that work with EdUnity. When a School has an existing app, they can simply add your service, it's then instantly available to everyone across the school, without the need to worry about deployment. You can also opt to sync information such as names, classes and user status to help organise your app to function, cutting the onboarding time for schools.

Secure Data Flow

Data is an integral part of any school application. Even if it's a user's name, email address and class - keeping this up to date and managing it securely can be a hassle. EdUnity, lets schools sync this automatically whilst respecting the privacy of parents and students. It also means, education platforms can quickly have the information they need without needing to ask the school every time.

Familiar User Experience

When every platform has a different design, it can be a challenge to learn how to use it ("the learning curve"). By embedding your service within a school's app, the learning curve can be significantly cut down. Teachers, parents and students are already familiar with their school's app, so using your service can feel like a natural part of the school's app.


EdUnity Developer for EdTechs

Discover why education companies want to develop their services on EdUnity.

Do Apps Still Work on iOS & Android?

Yes! If a school doesn't have an app, then your application can still be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play and used standalone. Our framework works cross-platform, and doesn't require any modifications to support multiple devices.

Faster & Cheaper Development

The EdUnity framework encompasses much of the groundwork that needs doing when building an app. Core functionality, such as the User Experience, Push Notifications and Privacy Settings already exist. This means, Developers can spend more time on the experience and integration with your service, saving time and resulting in a more cost-effective approach to development.

A Technical Framework Built to Meet The needs of Education

We built the EdUnity Framework to meet the needs of education businesses. From fast and scalable development - to the features and functionality you need to run your business. Once more, we are constantly evolving the framework to meet and support new devices and platforms.

Access our Partner Network

Companies which integrate with EdUnity are able to use our compatibility badges and access our partner network. Our partnership network lets you reach a new client segment by advertising and targeting school's that have an app or are linked with the EdUnity ecosystem. We also proactively push our partners to schools to raise the awareness of integration potential.

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