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Resell and Provide World-Class School Apps

Introducing the EdUnity White-Label Program

EdUnity is a leading provider of School App technology, trusted and use by some of the biggest education brands to deliver reliable and cost-effective apps for schools. Our newly launched, White Label Program is intended to let even more companies offer School Apps to their clients.

School Apps have proven to be an effective way to improve school-communication, cut back on administrative costs and improve parental-engagement. Our White-Label Program aims to serve as a product addition for businesses which offer school websites and related services as we take a radical new model to ensure we fulfil our mission of providing app technology to schools globally.

School Notifications

What Types of Forms Can We Create?


Forms can be created for a wide range of use cases such as Parent Surveys, Expressions of Interest, Medical Update forms and even Parental Consent. We provide a number of form fields so you can adjust to meet your needs.

Linking Administration and Communications


Linking your Administrative efforts with your Communications have never been easier. It's simple to send a message to Parents and embed a form, or click a notification and open an event. We've built EdUnity to empower your school administration.

Using Marketplace Apps with Administration


We have a wide range of features that help boost your School Administration, and if there's something else you're looking for, our Marketplace is a great way to discover 3rd Party tools and services.

The Only School App That Gets Smarter

Did you know our clients inform 80% of our feature developments?

We are constantly bringing out new features and enhancements and with our unique technology, EdUnity is the only school app that can get smarter with time. Add new features without any downtime and rest assured knowing we've got your back, reinvesting into the latest security standards, features and tools.

More than meets the eye.
A whole lot more.

App Design

Our team can handle all School App Design requirements freeing up your resources - we really are aiming for a turn key service.

Fully Hosted

EdUnity White Label is fully hosted and maintained by us, so you can sit back, relax and focus on supporting your clients.

Priority Support

Do you have a technical question you are unsure about? Partners have dedicated and priority support from our team.

Get's Smarter

Behind the scenes, we are constantly adding new features, improving and upgrading apps to create the only School App Platform that gets smarter every day.

GDPR Compliant

EdUnity maintains full legal compliance including App Store approval checks and GDPR and Cyber-Security to ensure your clients have a safe school app.

Your Brand

Our White Label program works with your brand. Connect your domain, identity and logos for a seamless experience while we take care of the technical side.

No Fees, Just Earn.

No Up-Front Fees, Excellent Earning Potential

We believe that offering Apps to Schools should fit seamlessly within your business and add value to your clients. This is why our White-Label Program is designed for easy implementation and set-up. We offer ready to go pricing models ranging from £1,000 - £3,000 depending on the school size with attractive revenue sharing.

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"Parents Have a Clear Preference for Digital Communications."

- Kate Richards, Chief Inspector of the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) 2018

Both the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) and Ofsted, recognise the importance of effective school-home engagement and its impact on pupil attainment across the education spectrum. Effective school-communication is one of the simplest ways school leaders can address parental satisfaction and improve long-term school performance objectives.



White Label Program
Discover why joining as an EdUnity White Label Partner, is a great way to delight clients and expand your service offering.

Why Should We Provide Apps to Schools?


Schools are increasingly extending their digitalisation strategy. Changes to the way use technology in our daily lives has made apps a preferable choice for many parents, whilst the benefits for schools across cost-saving, implementation and administration - make moving to a School App preferable for many school-leaders. Providing apps, by using our White Label service, is a great way to continue to meet schools needs while expanding your revenue sources.

What is the Fee or Earnings Structure?


We don't charge any up-front fees, we're passionate believers that providing school apps should fit seamlessly within your existing business model. If you choose to adopt our pricing model, then in the first year, you will earn 40% of the Subscription Cost and each renewal cycle thereafter this increases to 60% per app - meaning you can earn up to £1,800 per school. Alternatively, you can choose to create your own pricing or packaged offerings for customers, and we will charge you a license fee per app.

Why Should We Partner with EdUnity?


Our platform is fully white-labelled for partners, so you can deliver School Apps under your own brand, domains and customer relationships. Our School Apps leverage some of the most advanced technologies in the industry, and we are constantly investing in new features, upgrades and improvements to create the only School App platform that get's smarter over time. Aside from our technology, we are also a great and friendly team to work with. We want you to succeed with School Apps, so whether we can help you master your sales pitch, nail your marketing strategy - offer rapid and fast technical support, we are here for you.

Is the Partner-Program Open to Any Business?


We are selective when it comes to who we partner with, for a few reasons. Firstly, we invest a great deal in providing the White Label Program and supporting partners in rolling this out. For us to do this job to the best level we can, we pick a few partners every year that we can help support the most, and that have a substantial interest in delivering School Apps.

As a rule of thumb - we tend to prefer companies that have an established school portfolio and actively provide services to schools. Reach out to find out if we are looking for more partners in your area and to register your interest.

EdUnity White-Label Program


 Earning Potentials
Find out how much you could earn with the EdUnity White-Label Program or contact us to discuss your business case and requirements with the team.
White Label Program


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