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Find out how EdUnity can help you streamline your School Administration with a wide range of features and instant deployment.

Turn your School App into an Administrative Powerhouse

From creating digital forms that can be completed in app, to powerful calendars and user management - EdUnity packs in a wide range of administrative tools.

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Popular Administration Features
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Role Management

Set staff roles and permissions for  teamwork and collaboration.


Manage your School App billing and invoices online.


Create and share electronic forms from within your School's App.


Help parents keep track of school life with an integrated calendar.

Trust Solution

Designed for School Groups, manage multiple school apps effortlessly.

Deep-Link Actions

Get more done by linking communications to in-app actions.

Role Management Lets Your Whole Team Work

A School App can be a powerful part of your school administration. Role Management helps you manage the way your app is used across school to maximise productivity.

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Made for School Groups: EdUnity Trust Solution

If your school is part of a school group, the EdUnity Trust Solution makes it easy to centrally manage all school apps, access analytical reports and more - all while giving schools the autonomy they need to reach parents and maximise school app usage.

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We help schools like yours to

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FAQs about Integrations

Discover some of our most asked questions about School Apps. You can also contact us or reach out to the team using Live Chat if you have any questions.

What are Integrations?

An integration is a connection between your School's App and a third-party service. Integrations aim to help save time and improve efficiencies by getting multiple platforms to "talk" to one another.

What is the edUnity App Store?

The EdUnity App Store is where third-parties list their services if compatible with EdUnity School Apps. It's a good place to check to get an understanding of the services available that you can add to your School's App.

I have a Custom Integration Requirement

We frequently deal with custom integration requirements - if you need your School App to work with a specific platform or service, please contact us to speak with a School Solutions Advisor who will be able to assist.

How Does Integration Work?

Integration lets you use your School's App as a 'digital hub' for all the different services you use. Whether that's Homework, Grade Tracking or something else - our goal, is to help you bring everything under one roof, your School's App.

How Do EdUnity School Apps Get Smarter Over Time?

Due to the way our team engineered EdUnity, we are able to push out new updates regularly without impacting the performance or availability of your app. Our apps learn from behaviour and usage to deliver tailor made experiences for your school.

I have another Question

We would love to help. You can email us at or use the Live Chat to reach a member of the team. We hope to hear from you soon!


FAQs about MIS Integrations

Discover some of our most asked questions about School Apps. You can also contact us or reach out to the team using Live Chat if you have any questions.

What is an MIS Integration and How Does it Work>

EdUnity's MIS Integration lets you connect your School's Management Information System with your School App. It's a great way to do things like syncing students or class data. All you need is a supported MIS Platform, you can then choose which pieces of information to allow EdUnity access to.

Do I Need an MIS Integration?

No. An MIS integration is not needed to use a School App and all features work independently on an MIS integration.

What is EdUnity School ID™ and Safe Community?

EdUnity School ID works to keep your School App, a private and safe digital school community. With School ID enabled, users are only able to sign up and access your School's App if we can verify their student/parent status through your MIS. If a user attempts to sign up, but isn't listed in your MIS - then EdUnity will block this registration - keeping your app a safe and secure environment for all.

How Much Does MIS Integration Cost?

This depends largely on the use case and which MIS platform your school uses. Please contact us to speak with a Solutions Advisor who will be happy to assist you further.

Ready to Get Started?

One of our School Solutions Advisors will reach out to discuss any requirements and be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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