School Apps Built for Administration.

Find out how EdUnity can help you streamline your School Administration with a wide range of features and instant deployment.

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Turn your School App into an Administrative Powerhouse

Keep School Administration Simple

From creating digital forms that can be completed in app, to powerful calendars and user management - EdUnity packs in a wide range of administrative tools.

School Notifications

What Types of Forms Can We Create?


Forms can be created for a wide range of use cases such as Parent Surveys, Expressions of Interest, Medical Update forms and even Parental Consent. We provide a number of form fields so you can adjust to meet your needs.

Linking Administration and Communications


Linking your Administrative efforts with your Communications have never been easier. It's simple to send a message to Parents and embed a form, or click a notification and open an event. We've built EdUnity to empower your school administration.

Using Marketplace Apps with Administration


We have a wide range of features that help boost your School Administration, and if there's something else you're looking for, our Marketplace is a great way to discover 3rd Party tools and services.

The Only School App That Gets Smarter

Did you know our clients inform 80% of our feature developments?

We are constantly bringing out new features and enhancements and with our unique technology, EdUnity is the only school app that can get smarter with time. Add new features without any downtime and rest assured knowing we've got your back, reinvesting into the latest security standards, features and tools.

More than meets the eye.
A whole lot more.

Role Management

Let your whole team have access to your School's App with customisable roles and permission management.


Manage your School App billing and invoices online with the dedicate eBilling and Invoice Management centre.


Add third-party tools and services to your School's App with Marketplace, a great way to enhance your app.

Create Electronic Forms for Parents in Minutes

Easily Create, Send and Manage Forms

Create eForms and collect parent responses in-app, so whether it's a parent satisfaction survey you're after or a school field-trip consent form - we have you covered. Building forms is simple with a drag-and-drop design, then send to parents with your app's built in communication tools.


School Apps for

Streamlining administration has never been easier with your School's very own app.

Do I Need An MIS Integration To Streamline Administration?


No, MIS Integration is helpful but not essential. By using an MIS we can do things like sync pupil and parent information. However, you can still use features such as scheduling and eForms.

How Regularly Are New Integrations Added?


We aim to add new integrations every month! Many of these new additions are feedback and requests we get from our clients, so we are excited that EdUnity is the only School App that gets smarter with time.

Can I Send Attachments To Parents?


Yes! With Mailbox, you can send long form messages to your App Users. These can include attachments but also rich media as Videos, Map Directions, and Images - the possibilities are endless.



MIS Integrations
Ever wondered what the research and evidence say about School Communication? Here are some of the key take aways.

What is MIS Integration and How Does it Work?


EdUnity's MIS Integration lets you connect your School's Management Information System with your School App. It's a great way to do things like syncing students or class data. All you need is a supported MIS Platform, you can then choose which pieces of information to allow EdUnity access to.

Which are the supported MIS Platforms?


EdUnity supports MIS connections to the following platforms; Arbor MIS, Bromcom, Capita SIMS, CMIS, Engage by DoubleFirst, Furlong, iSAMS, Progresso, PupilAsset, RM Integris, ScholarPack, SchoolPod and WCBS.

What is EdUnity School ID™ and Safe Community?


We designed Safe Community as part of our EdUnity School ID suite. It works to keep your School App, a private and safe digital school community. With School ID enabled, users are only able to sign up and access your School's App if we can verify their student/parent status through your MIS. If a user attempts to sign up, but isn't listed in your MIS - then EdUnity will block this registration - keeping your app a safe and secure environment for all.

Is MIS Included with Subscriptions?


At current, we are rolling out MIS to limited clients, and this is available on request. In some use cases, it may be available as part of our Bespoke Plan and a School Solutions Advisor will be able to assist further. We will make MIS connections fully available later this year.