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Learn how to grow and build a healthy school-community with Analytics, and how to evidence parental-engagement levels for Ofsted or ISI.

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Evidencing Parental Engagement has traditionally been a contentious subject and one filled with bias. It presents a difficult question for school leadership, how to evidence school parental engagement?

With EdUnity, we provide advanced analytic data that can serve as supporting evidence - giving you the numbers you need, to back up any school inspection.

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The research is clear on the importance of school communication and parental engagement on a child's learning. This is why it becomes an increasingly focal part of school inspections. Unfortunately, you can't assess engagement levels from exams (and surveys, hmm, aren't exactly free of bias).

But what if, your School's App was intelligent enough to evidence engagement? EdUnity - uses built in analytics to identify persistent engagement levels, usage and activity. All of this can be vital supporting evidence to show your school is proactively engaged with the whole school community.

Evidence Parental-Engagement Like Never Before

Analytics for Parental Engagement

With EdUnity, your School App can become a valuable partner for inspections and evidencing parental engagement. EdUnity collects vital data that can be used as supporting evidence in inspections to prove levels of school-community engagement, proactivity amongst parents and school-parent satisfaction.

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