Strengthen Your School Community with Analytics.

Learn how to grow and build a healthy school-community with Analytics, and how to evidence parental-engagement levels for Ofsted or ISI.

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Evidence Parental-Engagement Like Never Before

Keep School Administration Simple

With EdUnity, your School App can become a valuable partner for inspections and evidencing parental engagement. EdUnity collects vital data that can be used as supporting evidence in inspections to prove levels of school-community engagement, proactivity amongst parents and school-parent satisfaction.

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What is Genius?


Genius is EdUnity's Intelligent Assist tool. Genius monitors Analytics within your App to understand how your School Community engages. Over time, Genius will start making suggestions about how to maximise engagement with your app, tailored to you.

Is Genius Included?


Genius is currently a flagship service and available on request as part of our Bespoke Plans. A School Solutions Advisor will be happy to explore how Genius could benefit your school and discuss the requirements to rolling this out in your App.

Is Personal Data Safe?


Yes! All Analytics are completely anonymised and Genius is unable to view individual analytic data about your users. Once more, Genius' recommendations stay within your School, keeping all recommendations for your eyes only.

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Our School Solutions Advisors can help you get the most out of your School's App and to better understand what analytics mean.


We regularly post and share ideas on how to build engagement and understand analytics on #TheJournal, our interest-reads site.

Genius™ Events

Genius Events are exclusive for our valued clients, we run them from time to time to help you get the most out of your School's App.


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Our frequently asked questions about Analytics.

Do Analytics Affect User Privacy?


No. We only use anonymised data, and using analytics will not affect the privacy of any users.

Can App Analytics Be Used For Ofsted?


Absolutely - and we would encourage you to! Sharing a summary view of analytics data as supporting evidence can be incredibly helpful for School Inspectors to show you are taking an active role in keeping the school community engaged.