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Learn how to grow and build a healthy school-community with Analytics, and how to evidence parental-engagement levels for Ofsted or ISI.
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The Insights You Need To Improve Parental Engagement

Parental Engagement is one of the hardest areas of school-life to measure and evidence. With EdUnity Analytics, we provide all the insights you need to improve school-home engagement. The data breakdowns we provide are also great as supporting evidence for school inspections and can be useful in proactively preventing school disengagement.

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Evidencing Parental Engagement has traditionally been a contentious subject and one filled with bias. It presents a difficult question for school leadership, how to evidence school parental engagement?

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The research is clear on the importance of school communication and parental engagement on a child's learning. This is why it becomes an increasingly focal part of school inspections. Unfortunately, you can't assess engagement levels from exams (and surveys, hmm, aren't exactly free of bias).

But what if, your School's App was intelligent enough to evidence engagement? EdUnity - uses built in analytics to identify persistent engagement levels, usage and activity. All of this can be vital supporting evidence to show your school is proactively engaged with the whole school community.

Evidence Parental-Engagement Like Never Before

With EdUnity, your School App can become a valuable partner for inspections and evidencing parental engagement. EdUnity collects vital data that can be used as supporting evidence in inspections to prove levels of school-community engagement, proactivity amongst parents and school-parent satisfaction.

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Popular Analytics Features
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Historical Usage

Time travel through your analytics and view historical data and trends.

Top Features

View your most used app features and categories to gain an insight.

Session Durations

Keep a track of user sessions and see how actively parents use your app.

Real-Time Updates

Analytics update in real-time so you are always Ofsted ready.

Genius Insights

Genius works in the background to provide valuable insights.


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FAQs about Analytics

Discover some of our most asked questions about School Apps. You can also contact us or reach out to the team using Live Chat if you have any questions.

Do Analytics Affect User Privacy?

No. We only use anonymised data, and using analytics will not affect the privacy of any users.

Can App Analytics Be Used For Ofsted?

Absolutely - and we would encourage you to! Sharing a summary view of analytics data as supporting evidence can be incredibly helpful for School Inspectors to show you are taking an active role in keeping the school community engaged.

What Is Genius?

Genius is EdUnity's Intelligent Assist tool. Genius monitors Analytics within your School App to understand how your school community is engaged. Over time, Genius will start making suggestions and recommendations about how to maximise engagement.

Is Genius Included in All Subscriptions?

Genius is currently a flagship service and available on request as part of our Bespoke Plans. A School Solutions Advisor will be happy to explore how Genius could benefit your school and discuss the requirements to rolling this out in your App.

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One of our School Solutions Advisors will reach out to discuss any requirements and be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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