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Our Solutions Advisors are skilled at building technological solutions to solve some of your school's key challenges and needs. From syncing data across your school's ICT systems, to designing ways to save money and optimise resources.

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Some Problems, Call for a Unique Solution.

Keep School Communication Simple.

Our School Apps offer more than 100 features and customisations as standard, but sometimes that doesn't go far enough.

Maybe you are wondering how to tackle an ongoing challenge, or need a School App to integrate with a specific platform or software.

To solve these, our team will work with you to understand key challenges and priorities for your school, to design a solution that meets the long-term needs of your organisation.

Example Challenges

Do you have an existing challenge in your school? Reach out to our team today for an initial free consultation and assessment.

Language Translation

Are language barriers an issue for your school? Using AI we can apply real-time translation in your School's App to help mitigate language barriers.


School Bus Tracking

We can link to third-party platforms, making it possible for tools such as School Bus Tracking and School Transport updates in your App.


Cloud File Management

Want to make school files and resources available anywhere? Using your School App we can add a secure and easy way to access files anywhere.


Challenge: Help Our School Save Money

EdUnity Bespoke:
Engineering School Solutions

British schools lose an estimated £8,000 a year due to food waste, but a simple cafeteria ordering system can help cut food waste and save thousands of pounds a year.

Food waste is estimated to cost as much as £52.80 per pupil each year. By adding a simple restaurant ordering system to a School's App, students have the ability to order food in the mornings allowing for the preparation of food to order, cutting waste and saving money.

With this one simple solution, our Product Specialists could save a school up to £8,000 (US$10,000) a year.

Example Challenges

Do you have an existing challenge in your school? Reach out to our team today for an initial free consultation and assessment.

Homework Services

Looking to bring multiple services such as a Homework platform under one school app? Our team can make this a reality.



Make it possible to provide access to student grades, academic records and more in real-time by connecting with third-parties.



Need to securely sync information between platform? We can connect to services such as your School's MIS provider.


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