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Keep Parents Up to Date with School News and Events

A Whole Suite of Parental Engagement Features

EdUnity lets your School add a whole suite of Parental-Engagement tools to keep everyone up to date on school-life. From sharing upcoming events, to the latest school news and even field trip photos - you have everything in one place to keep parents in the loop.

My Morning Routine

See how Jamie's mum uses her School's App every morning.

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Mother and Child


In the morning, I wake up to the sound of my alarm, a loud jingle that leaves me slightly latent until I have stumbled downstairs for my morning coffee. As the kettle boils, I reach for my phone, scrolling through the notifications, looking for any messages my son's school sent.

I always like to get a sense of what's going on in school, Jamie is only 10 years old, so when I ask "how was school today?" I usually get a "fine". So checking the school news in the morning, is my way of getting a better idea. A quick check of  the calendar, and I know that when we leave the house at 7.30am, Jamie will be ready for the day ahead.

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The Insights You Need To Improve Parental Engagement

Built-in Analytics Help You Understand Parental Engagement

We all know Parental Engagement is one of the hardest areas of school-life to measure and evidence, but with EdUnity Analytics, we provide all the data and information you need to improve school-home engagement. The data breakdowns we provide are also great as supporting evidence for school inspections and can be useful in proactively preventing school disengagement.

More than meets the eye.
A whole lot more.


Unlock parent insights and proactively react to family needs. You can create, send and analyse surveys within EdUnity and your School App.


Create and share Calendar events for the school community. Add in detailed description, RSVP links, location and more.

News Stream

Share school-life as it happens with News Stream. Easily create engaging posts to reach parents across the school community.

Parent Questionnaires and Surveys

Know what your School Community Thinks and Feels.

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Questionnaires and Surveys have a profound and long lasting benefit for schools. Firstly, they make parents feel involved in school-life, and that their feelings matter.

This is a great way to get parents to take a proactive role in their child's education and to strengthen your school-home relationship.

The second key benefit, it lets you get ahead of the Ofsted parent questionnaires. If there are problem areas, know ahead of any inspections and take the action to change them.

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School Apps for Engagement

Parental involvement and engagement in education matter now more than ever because it’s in decline. In
2016, research showed a decrease in parents who believe that intimate parent-teacher communication is effective. Parents now prefer remote methods of communication, like mobile apps which fit better within parents’ current lifestyle and digital habits.

Are Engagement Features included with all Subscriptions?

Yes! There are no additional costs. Included with every subscription, is free and unlimited use of the Engagement tools and features in EdUnity.


The Research

and Evidence
Ever wondered what the research and evidence say about School Communication? Here are some of the key take aways.

What has successful Parental Engagement been attributed to?

Successful parental communication and school-home engagement has been linked to a number of areas, but the key benefits for schools can be summarised as:

1. Attributed to higher student grades and pupil attainment levels (American Psychology Association, 2014)
2. Attributed to increasing the likelihood of post-secondary education (Grand Rapids Public School District, 2018)
3. Attributed to developing student confidence in the classroom (Journal of Education and Practice, Volume 7, 2016)
3. Attributed to stimulating good classroom behaviour (Journal of Education and Practice, Volume 7, 2016)

How can EdUnity Help Our School 'Evidence' Parental-Engagement?

Evidencing parental engagement is one of those school headaches. Both Ofsted and ISI state the importance of school-home engagement, but there is no clear way to evidence progression. Well, until EdUnity. We use built-in Analytics to provide you a detailed overview of how parents and students are using your School's App. It is a great way of providing supporting evidence to school inspectors and monitoring your school's progress over time.

How can you help our school to improve engagement levels?

Using our Analytics data, and expertise in Apps and home engagement, our team is always ready to lend a hand. We can help your school draft winning strategies that deliver improved and sustained levels of engagement, without taking up additional time or resources. Simply speak to us in the App Manager and we can put together simple steps and strategies, then review these with you to find what works best for your school community.

Explore Saving Money

It looks like you are seeing how EdUnity can help facilitate great Parental Engagement! In these times, schools have to work harder than ever to maintain strong school-home relationships, and EdUnity is here to make this as straightforward as possible. Next up, we would love to show you how we can save your school money as well.

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