School Apps Built For Cost Savings

Paying for outdated and ineffective systems can increase the overall cost of your school-tech setup, and once more, it can strain school finances when budgets get tight. It makes for a good reason to explore potential cost savings for your school.
School App for Cost Savings

Cut Back on School Costs

School communication is routinely one of the biggest sources of financial waste in schools. From inefficient and outdated portals, to expensive SMS services. By using a single school app, we include our full communication suite as standard, helping you to save time and money.

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Do you have a particular challenge you are looking to address? Maybe your technology is in need of an update or you are fed up of paying over the odds for something that simply doesn't deliver? If this sounds like a familiar story then our Solutions Advisors may be able to help, so book a free appointment and let us show you how we can help.

Meet Our School Savings Guarantee

We say schools will save money with EdUnity because the numbers are clear - but sometimes, that isn't enough. Our School Savings Guarantee is our promise to schools - if you don't save money by switching to EdUnity, we will match the cost difference in your subscription renewal.

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School Savings Calculator

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FAQs about School Savings

Discover some of our most asked questions about School Apps. You can also contact us or reach out to the team using Live Chat if you have any questions.

Why is an App Cheaper than using SMS & Bulk-Email?

The trouble with SMS, is that to send a text message you need Telecommunications services. As a result, everyone adds their cut and fees from Telecomms companies to resellers. It makes SMS expensive, especially compared to your School's App.

Say Goodbye to Printing and cut costs

Printing is a significant cost for many schools, and whilst an inevitable part of school administration, we believe there's a more effective way to communicate. Going digital, cuts paper usage and can help you to reduce costs.

What are the billing periods?

Our subscriptions are billed on a yearly basis, we believe this should give you greater freedom and confidence to switch if you feel EdUnity doesn't meet your needs. Unlike other companies, we won't tie you down for long contracts or try and lock you into something that doesn't work for your school.

What is the School Savings Guarantee?

We know schools can achieve a cost saving by switching to EdUnity, which is why we introduced the School Savings Guarantee. All subscription plans are automatically enrolled. If at the end of your subscription period, your school has not achieved a cost saving - we will match the difference against your subscription renewal, and a Solutions Advisor will work with you to identify areas for long-term cost savings too.

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