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Electronic Forms, or E-Forms are a great way to collect parent responses inside your School App. Whether you are organising an event, need parent consent forms or updating details, E-Forms are an ideal school companion.
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No More Paper Forms

From expensive printing bills, to lost forms - there is a whole bunch of reasons to stop paper forms. With a School App, you can keep all of your forms digital and easily accessible within your school app.

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A Form Builder Ideal For Any Situation

From obtaining parental consent forms, to updating child medical records or even collecting survey responses. E-Forms is a practical and easy way to meet your school's day to day needs.

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School Forms For Any Event

Easily create and share electronic forms with your School's App. Update medical information, collect parent responses and more.

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Create customisable forms and share using your School's App. With a range of field types, E-Forms are an ideal answer. Easily share with In-App Mailbox and Notifications, making it easy for parents.

Easily Create Custom Forms in Minutes

Form Fields and Layout Options

Suitable for short simple form to detailed surveys. Our form builder has a wide range of form fields and layout options that help you build your forms in minutes.

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Privacy Centric

Encrypted Submissions and Parent Records.

Your School App is encrypted, ensuring all parent submissions are safe. Once more, we copy parent submissions to their personal privacy record so they can easily review and access any form submissions.

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Link to Communications

Get Parents to Act on Messages

When you have a new form to share, simply send a Notification or Inbox message. Parents can then easily tap and complete your form. No downloads or printing needed.

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Great E-Form Features
For Schools Like Yours.

Quick Design

Designing custom forms is easy with a range of field options.

Form History

Logged in users can view previous form responses and submissions.

Form Fields

Text input, numbers, dropdown, location, tick box, information fields and more.


Alert parents when there is a form with notifications and app links.

Export Responses

Easily download and export responses for easy management.

Survey Analysis

Easily chart and analyse responses with in-app surveys.

Some FAQs About E-Forms

E-Forms can be an effective way to quickly collect information from parents. Whether that is a parental consent form, or even a survey - a wide range of features are ready to help.

Which Form Fields are Available?

There are a number of form fields available, these include:

  • Text Input - for short text responses such as a parent's name

  • Text Area - for longer text responses such as a child's medical history or allergies

  • Number - for phone numbers or numerical input

  • Dropdown Select - to choose a single answer from a dropdown list of options, such as a class group

  • Radio Choice - to choose a single answer from a list of options, such as a year group

  • Checkbox - to choose multiple options from a list, such as common medical conditions

  • Picture/Image - to upload an image, for example a signature or document scan like a passport

  • Date & Time - to provide a date/time, for example the date of approval by a parent

  • Geolocation - to provide an address or location

Which Formatting Options Are Available?

No! On long messages we will show a preview (about 240 characters) but parents can tap the notification to view the full message in your app. Just like a text message.

  • Title Section - break up a long form with section titles

  • White Space - create spaces between form sections

  • Image - add an image or diagram to forms

  • Rich Text - add details about a section or why information is needed

  • Agreement - display a privacy policy, disclaimer or statement and require consent before submission

How Many Forms Can I Create?

You can create an unlimited number of forms. It's good practice once a form is no longer needed to remove it, however, there is no restriction to how many active forms you can have.

Can Parents View Form Responses?

Yes, parents can see their submitted responses. Where a form is later removed, responses are copied to their personal privacy record and can be accessed in the app at anytime. Their privacy record logs information shared and recorded with your school.

How Can I Tell Parents To Submit a Form?

Notifications and Mailbox are both great ways to do this. You can create a message and add an 'App-Link' to your chosen form. Tapping it, will then open the form for a parent.

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