Organise your School App with folders. It makes it easy to search your school's app, quickly finding any content and information.
School Parent Communication App

Everything Together, But Clearly Organised

No more sending parents to websites, parent portals, social media pages and endless letters. With a School App - everything is together but remains clearly organised.

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Supercharge Your School's App

Folders make it easy to supercharge your School's App. From sharing resources and information to communicating with parents and tracking engagement. Folders helps you to stay on top of your School App.

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Organise Your School App

Add unlimited features with ease and keep your School App tidy with Folders.

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Folders makes it easy to organise your School App. Add an unlimited number of features and pages, and use Folders to organise. Users can easily search through Folders to quickly find information and content, and you can move features between Folders at anytime.

Create Relevant Folders for Organisation

Essential For An Easy to Use School App

Whether you choose to create separate folders for parents, staff and students - or choose simply to separate eLearning from communication. We make it easy to keep your School App well organised and simple to use.

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Searchable Content

Let Parents Quickly Find Information

Searching for that piece of information or a particular resource no longer takes hours. With Folders, you can quickly search and find information in seconds.

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Customise App Design

Showcase Your School Identity

Folders make it easy to customise your app design. Showcase your school's ethos and identity with a range of layouts and design options.

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Great Folder Features
For Schools Like Yours.


Easily organise your school app with sub-folders for content.


Quickly search across folders for information and content.

Organise Content

Move pages and features between folders at anytime.


Customise your folder's layout and information settings.


Modify your folder's design and colours to reflect your school identity.

Hide Pages

Hide pages or features from users when they aren't needed or ready.

Some FAQs About Folders

Folders help to keep your School App well organised and easy to use for both parents and staff.

How Do Folders Work?

Folders allow you to organise your App Pages and Features. You can drag pages into particular folders and this creates a structure for your app. You can move pages between folders at anytime.

Is There a Limit on How Many Folders or Pages?

No. There is no limit on how many folders or pages you can create.

Are Folders Searchable?

Yes, you can enable a search bar on folders. This allows parents and app users to quickly search for content and information in folders.

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