School Messaging Kept Simple with Mailbox

Mailbox makes it easy to replace school emails. Avoid the hassle of spam filters and unread emails, with a dedicated in-app Mailbox.

When Could You Use the In-App Mailbox?
Sending Longer Messages
To Manage Message Replies
To Share Information
Sharing Attachments
Sharing Files and Documents
Adding Videos or Media
Including Directions for a Trip
Parental Consent Forms
School Updates and News
Urgent Parent Information

The Average Person Receives 126 Emails A Day. Are Yours Being Read?

Keep School Communication Simple.

Emails lost in spam filters, missed among endless promotions or work related emails are just a few of the reasons that make email for school communication a less effective tool.

Using an in-app mailbox helps you to remain visible and ensure parents never miss an important message again.

Mailbox is also included free with all app subscriptions. An ideal replacement to email that will help you to reach parents with ease.

Great Mailbox Features
for Schools Like Yours

Discover all of the features that make mailbox a great way to manage school communications and an easy way to stay in touch with parents.

Message Blocks

Add attachments, media, forms and more to make Mail more useful and actionable.

Allow Replies

Enable replies to an admin, or particular staff member with configurable settings.

Smart Actions

With just a tap parents can go from a notification, to a form or a news post and more.

Delivery Reports

Know when messages have been sent with automatic delivery reports.

User Groups

Manage who receives relevant notifications with User Groups.

Any Device

Notifications are visible across smartwatches, phones and tablets.


Choose to send instantly, or schedule messages for a future date.


Messages stand out to parents with your school's name and logo.

School Mailbox

Skip The Emails with Free and Unlimited mailbox Messaging

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See How Mailbox Compares

M offers an easy and effortless way to school communications Contact Support.

Free to Use
Message Delivery Reports
Smart Actions
User Grouping
Allows Replies
Message Blocks
Recognisable Sender/Identity
Free to Use
Message Delivery Reports
Smart Actions
User Grouping
Allows Replies
Message Blocks
Recognisable Sender/Identity

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