In-App Mailbox

Mailbox makes it easy to replace school emails. Avoid the hassle of spam filters and unread emails, with a dedicated in-app Mailbox.
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The Average Person Receives 126 Emails (A day)

Emails lost in spam filters, missed among endless promotions or work related mails are just a few reasons parents don't see school emails. Using an in-app mailbox helps you remain visible and ensure parents never miss an important message again.

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Built-In School Mailbox

The School App Mailbox is an effective way to reach parents with important messages and information. Included free with all app subscriptions, it's an ideal replacement to emails and helps you to reach parents with ease.

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A School Mailbox That Does More

Forgotten emails and spam folders are a thing of the past with Mailbox. Easily create and share helpful messages with attachments, media and more.

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Mailbox is designed to make it easy to write and send effective school messages. From easily sharing attachments, to linking to E-Forms, App Pages and even adding videos, photos, directions and buttons.

By using your School App - you can now create and send helpful messages in minutes. Avoid the hassle of email, and stand out.

Easily Write Messages With Blocks

Add Forms, Media, Directions and More

Messages work better when they have a follow through action. That's why with Mailbox you can link to E-Forms and pages within your school app as well as share attachments, photos, videos and even directions.

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Two-Way Messaging

Keeping School Communications In One Place

Bring everything to one place and keep school communications together. Mailbox lets parents respond to messages and enable two-way responses.

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Skip The Emails

Never Miss An Important Message Again.

From avoiding spam filters and lost emails to bringing communications to one place. We help you skip the emails and make school communication simple.

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Great Mailbox Features
For Schools Like Yours.


Add photos and video content directly into your Mailbox messages.


Help parents by adding navigation and directions within your message.


Add links to E-Forms, app features, phone numbers, websites and more.


Share files and attachments to parents with ease using Mailbox.


Make sure parents never miss an important message with notifications.


Send messages instantly, or schedule them to send in the future.

Some FAQs About Mailbox

With Mailbox, school emails can be a thing of the past. Easily create information rich messages, share attachments, enable two-way replies and more.

Are Mailbox Messages Free?

Yes, all App Subscriptions include free and unlimited usage of communications tools including the Mailbox.

Can I Send Attachments?

No! On long messages we will show a preview (about 240 characters) but parents can tap the notification to view the full message in your app. Just like a text message.

How Does Media Work?

Maybe you want to share an eLearning Video Clips or photos from a recent school event. With Mailbox, you can add media such as pictures, videos and photo galleries straight to your message. Simply add the media type you want to use, and upload your files - then you are ready to send.

How Do App Links Work?

App Links make it easy for parents to follow through on messages. If you ask parents to complete a form, or view a recent article post - you can add links within your message. Tapping the link can open a specified page inside your School's App. Make it easy for parents to act on messages and avoid having to follow up with app links.

Can Parents Reply to a Message?

Yes! Mailbox, supports two-way messaging, so parents can reply to any messages.

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