School Notifications

Reaching Parents Can Be Tricky, We Get It 📮

Between changing phone numbers, spam filters and letters that don't make it home - reaching parents can be a difficult task. A School App can be a helpful solution, you can easily reach parents on whichever device is closest to them - a mobile, smartwatch or even iPad. Notifications take the hassle out of parent communication once and for all.

When Should You Use Notifications?


Use Notifications to remind parents of upcoming events, to complete a form or something else. You can link to actions to help parents act on messages.


Urgent situations such as a school closure or COVID-19 alert require fast and wide scale communications. Use notifications to quickly reach parents in any situation.


Promote positive engagement by getting parents to check in on school life. Send a notification if you update your school news or share an event.

Short Messages

Do you want to quickly share that a pupil has been performing well, or need to send a reminder about a project? Notifications are a great way to do so.

School Notifications You Can Rely On

Bring your parental engagement and communication to one place. With free and unlimited notifications included with every app subscription we make it easy to keep in touch with parents.

Message User Groups

Whether you want to contact parents in one class, or every class - groups lets you manage school communications easily.

Deliverability Reports

We automatically check all notifications can be delivered, so you can rest assured that your messages have been sent.

Smart Actions

You can add actions to messages. With just a tap parents can go from a notification, to a form, a news post and more.

Notifications Are Free
With EdUnity 💰

It's Time To Break Up With SMS.

We believe school communication can make or break a school, and it's something we want to make easier for you. That's why all communications (including notifications), are 100% free with EdUnity.

Reach Parents on Any Device

Whether your parents are using a smart watch, phone or tablet, it has never been easier to reach them. By using Notifications, you can take advantage of your school app to reach parents quickly and effectively.

Better, Faster and Cheaper than SMS

It has never been a better time to say goodbye to SMS. Notifications rely on your School App and an internet connection instead of expensive cellular signals to send messages, reducing costs and freeing up your school budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

Push Notifications are a technology revolution for schools that promise better communication, cheaper operating costs and increased parent satisfaction.

How Do Push Notifications Work Compared to SMS?

Push Notifications use your School's App to send messages to a parent or user. Your App is constantly checking for these messages and when it receives one will ring and show a notification, just like a text message. However, rather than relying on cellular service and paying hefty telecoms charges, notifications rely instead on the internet.

Is there a Character Limit on Notifications?

No! On long messages we will show a preview (about 240 characters) but parents can tap the notification to view the full message in your app. Just like a text message.

What Happens If I'm Not Connected to WiFi?

Notifications need either a WiFi or Mobile Data Connection to the internet to be received, if you are temporarily not connected - messages will be synced and received as soon as the device connects. If you are on a mobile data connection, receiving a notification is unlikely to incur any data charges owing to their small size. To put it in perspective, to fully use a 1GB data plan - you would need to receive 1 million notifications.

Are Notifications Reliable For Parents in a Slow Internet Connectivity Area?

Notifications have a maximum size of 2 kilobytes, meaning they are very small "files". Even on a very slow or unreliable internet connection they will take seconds to load and be received almost instantly making them suitable for those on both slow and fast internet connections. As a result, in areas with limited phone or cellular service, notifications can be a particularly good alternative for parents and schools who struggle with limited phone signal coverage.

What Else Can We Do with Notifications?

Unlike a text message, you can do a lot more with notifications. You can attach images, check whether a message has been received and also link to actions. For example, if you ask parents to complete a form, you can set it up to open the form once the notification is opened.

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