Podcasts & Videos for eLearning

Your School App can be more than a communication tool, it can also be an integral part of your home learning and support strategies. Share resources and materials with ease.
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Home Learning Support Easily In Reach

Using your School App it is easy to ensure parents and pupils have continued learning support at home. Through podcasts and videos, you can share relevant eLearning materials quickly and easily.

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A Free and Effective Way To Support Learning

Over 500,000 hours of free eLearning podcasts exist and thousands of eLearning videos. Sharing relevant and key materials can make it easy for parents and pupils to have ongoing learning support at home.

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Create a Learning Hub

Your School App can be more than a communication tool. Easily share learning resources and support parents and pupils alike with homework, revision and learning at home.

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Share a variety of learning and educational resources using your School's App. Create a library of educational podcasts, helpful how-to-videos or even PowerPoints and Documents.

Easily Share Resources

Podcasts, Videos, Documents, PowerPoints and more

Your School App can be used as the ideal eLearning resource hub. Easily share free eLearning content from a wide range of sources or upload and share your own documents and materials.

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Available To Parents in Minutes

No Infrastructure, Cloud-Native.

Any content you add is automatically available to parents in minutes on their favourite devices. You can also take advantage of communications tools such as Notifications and Mailbox to let parents know about new resources.

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Explore Content on EdUnity App Store

Free and High Quality eLearning Materials

Our team constantly update and review the EdUnity App Store to show you free eLearning content and materials available to share via your School's App. It's quick and easy to discover great resources to share.

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Great e-Learning Features
For Schools Like Yours.


Connect and share relevant eLearning podcasts from your School App.


Share helpful eLearning videos using your School's App.

Organise Content

Easily manage and organise content by curriculum and year groups.

Your Own Content

Create and share your own content with ease, straight within your app.

Notify Parents

Notify parents and pupils when you add new learning content and resources.

EdUnity App Store

Discover a wide range of eLearning resources on the EdUnity App Store.

Some FAQs About eLearning

In today's day and age, home learning is a vital part of supporting parents and pupils in their education. From homework help, to revision - we help make it easy with your School App.

How Does Podcasts Work?

Podcasts allows you to add an audio player to your School's App. You can then import and sync helpful eLearning Podcasts, a few of our favourites include Duolingo French, StoryTime and Science Weekly but there are hundreds to be discovered. You can then simply share the Podcast link and we'll make these available to everyone in your app. You can organise by subject or curriculum level for ease of use too!

How Does Videos Work?

Videos allows you to add or share any video via your School App. If you are using this for eLearning you can use services such as YouTube or Vimeo. When you find content you want to share, simply add it to Videos and it will automatically be available to app users.

What Other E-Learning Content Can I Add?

You can also share your own resources and upload documents including PowerPoints, PDFs and common document formats. There are also a range of Web App Platforms that can be added from the EdUnity App Store.

How Quickly Is Content Available?

All our apps are cloud-native and run without any infrastructure required. This means changes appear very quickly - it typically takes less than 5 minutes for all parents to have access to the latest content.

Can We Use Notifications to Share New Content?

Yes! It's a good idea to let parents know when you add new content. Remember, you can also set Notifications to open a particular app page or feature once opened.

Ready to Get Started?

If you are ready to get started, reach out to us and we will connect you with a School Solutions Advisor to explore whether EdUnity is a good fit for your school.

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