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Let your School App do more by sharing eLearning resources and materials with parents and students directly within your School's App.

When Could You Use eLearning?
Share eLearning Resources
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Add Documents
Homework Help
Share Helpful Videos
Add Topic Resources
Share Relevant Files
Parent Resources
At-Home Resources
Learning Materials
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A Free and Effective Way to Support Home-Learning.

Did you know, over 500,000 hours of free eLearning podcasts exist which you can share for free?

Sometimes you just want to be able to share helpful learning resources, whether to keep parents informed of curricular objectives or to help with homework. Either way, fully-fledged learning management systems rarely justify their cost and complexity.

Instead, by using your School App you can ensure parents and pupils have continued learning support at home. Through podcasts, videos and documents you can quickly share relevant learning materials.

Easily share a variety of educational resources using your School's App. Create a library of educational podcasts, helpful how-to-videos or even PowerPoints and Documents.

Great E-Learning Features
for Schools Like Yours

Discover all of the features that make E-Learning a great way to get the most out of your School's App.


Connect and share relevant eLearning podcasts from your School App.


Share helpful eLearning videos using your School's App.


Add files, documents, PowerPoints and more for easy access.

Organise Content

Easily manage and organise content by curriculum and year groups.


Any content you add syncs automatically in minutes - with no app updates needed.

Notify Parents

Notify parents and pupils when you add new learning content and resources.

Custom Pages

Use Custom Pages to build and add your own content within the App.

App Store

Discover a wide range of eLearning resources on the EdUnity App Store.


Unlimited Notifications Are Included Free With All School Apps.

Requires a Valid School App Subscription

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Free to Use
No Additional Accounts Needed
Easily Add Learning Content
Add External Podcasts
Add Multi-Media
Create Custom Pages
Notify Parents and Students
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Free to Use
No Additional Accounts Needed
Easily Add Learning Content
Add External Podcasts
Add Multi-Media
Create Custom Pages
Notify Parents and Students

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