Ben Harland

Co-Founder & CMO

Ben Harland is a Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer and Head of Product at EdUnity where he spends much of his time working closely with our Clients and Partners.

Ben Harland

Ben Harland, Co-Founder and CMO at EdUnity, works closely with our schools, clients and partners. Heading up our Product and Marketing, Ben has a keen eye for details and listens closely to the needs of our clients and partners.

Ben, has been involved with the company since its launch, involved in building the original prototypes and early iterations of our products as well as leading some of our early projects.

Ben left school with a background in Engineering where he specialised in Engineering Design and Development. He later studied Education and Teaching at Nottingham Trent University. Whilst at EdUnity, Ben has worked closely with a number of partners and organisations - responsible for overseeing collaboration with organisations including the BBC Mindset initiative and hosting international leaders at key events.

Ben is also one of a few recipients of an award for Outstanding Technical Achievement in Education at a Gold level by HRH The Duke of York and works closely with schools across the UK, serving. as. A mentor to disadvantaged children - often encouraging entrepreneurship and skill enrichment pathways.