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#TheJournal was designed as a space to share new ideas and perspectives on a range of topics in education. We have a particular focus on school technology, education news and parental engagement.

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What Topics or Areas Do We Cover?

We cover a wide range of topics and areas focused on education. Currently, we particularly welcome submissions and guest posts on:

  • Current Educational Affairs - this includes topical matters and current educational issues, including but not limited to school reform, health and child development, assessment and attainment, government policy, education and the curriculum.

  • School and Education Technology - innovations and best practices when it comes to school-technology. We generally focus less on 'home-use' education technology but rather how technology can be used and applied in schools.

  • Parental Engagement - it is a broad topic and can be explored in a number of areas from research and best-practices to personal stories and first-hand accounts.

  • Research and Toolkits - researchers and academic studies often show new approaches, methods and toolkits for improving educational outcomes. However, they often aren't written in the most accessible formats - we always welcome articles from writers who share how research and methodologies can be applied inside schools effectively.

Who Are Our Audience or Readers?

We attract a wide range of readers, mostly school-leaders or senior educators. We welcome readers from all over the world including the United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand to name a few.

General Guidelines for Guest Posts

It is important to us you have as much creative freedom as possible, for guest writers who do share content, we ask you follow our general guidelines as below:

  • Content First - we aim to share thought-provoking and helpful content, we won't share content which is overly promotional or 'sales-led' and put an emphasis on originality.

  • Thought Provoking, Not Provocative - our goal is to provide interesting ideas - sometimes this can be blurred between what is 'provoking' vs 'provocative'. We generally won't share posts which are political or go against our brand ethics.

  • Originality - if you are guest writing or sharing an article and assuming credit, it is important the content is original and yours. Please do not share content for which you do not have the permissions to publish. We also won't share posts where

  • Integrity - if you are citing research or making assertions, we will ask you to back them up. Please include references and credit where it is appropriate.

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