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Is a School App Workshop?
We launched the School App Workshop as our flagship Youth Program. Through the course of a one day workshop, students will work to create an App for your School covering aspects such as App Design, Information Technology, Teamwork and a number of key core curricular links. The program is fully adjustable in terms of contents to be suitable for a wide range of year groups.

After the workshop, our team will complete your School's App and you will have a fully built School App for parents and your school community, built by your very own pupils. It is an extraordinary experience that builds a. wide variety of additional skills and encourages pupils to explore new career pathways.

Each workshop is led by two of our Co-Founders, young entrepreneurs themselves who built their first companies whilst just 16 years old. It offers a relatable and unbeatable insight into young entrepreneurship, STE(A)M pathways and so much more.
School App Workshop


Curriculum Enrichment
Our workshops are designed to help learners engage with the curriculum in bringing a practical element to studies. The workshop can be linked effectively to a number of subjects including Computing, Design and Technology, Citizenship, Business Studies and Economics as well as core and general curriculums in developing a wide variety of transferable skill-sets.

We're able to tailor the workshop to suit particular curriculums and a wide variety of learner levels (KS2 to Post-16) Alternatively, you can also contact us to discuss particular links to your curriculum and how we can help support your learners.
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Careers Insights
Our workshop aims to equip learners with some of the transferable skills needed to thrive in the workplace and an insight into some of the fastest-growing global industries.A practical experience giving students the opportunity they need to explore the technology industry and gain the insights they need to explore relevant career paths.

We launched our app design workshop program with a view to helping inspire the next generation into the technology sectors. Considered one of the fastest growing global industries, and increasingly with a major skills-shortage, we're on a mission to help foster curiosity amongst pupils in the technology sectors.

In the UK more than 1.5million people are currently employed in the digital sector, and jobs in the digital tech sector are growing at twice the rate of non-digital technology sectors. Allow learners the opportunity to explore career paths within the digital technology sectors. The UK technology sector is worth over £170bn and those working in the sector earn an average of £15,000 more compared to those in non-tech roles.

Our workshop program aims to inspire learners, enabling pupils to discover app design in a practical set-up through creating an app for your school. They'll work alongside the Co-Founders of EdUnity who've built up a leading specialism in app design to gain a first-hand insight into what it's like to work in the technology sector. We encourage pupils to think creatively, bring their own ideas and challenge the status-quo, encouraging the development of key skills and in learning about the many career paths available from entrepreneurship to apprenticeships and university graduates.
EdUnity Youth Programs


Workshops are priced at £949 a day and fall under our Youth Program Initiatives. Workshops are fully inclusive of delivery and costs, as well as an app subscription for a year. The program is subject to availability and there are a number of spaces throughout the year, we encourage schools to register their interest for any open spaces.
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