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EdUnity can be an ideal partner for your University Society. Whether your goal is to grow club memberships, boost engagement, or even raise funds we can help you achieve your mission.
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How We Help University Groups Like Yours

We help University Clubs, Groups and Societies address many challenges from member engagement to administration and more. Here are some of the top challenges we help groups like yours.

Engaging with Society Members is Difficult

How Do You Ensure Members Stay Involved?

Keeping society members up to date isn't easy, from sharing messages and updates to managing events. A University Society App lets you do all this and more in one place, taking the headache out of engaging with members.

University Student Society

Why Social Media Isn't the Right Place

Keep the Focus On Your Members

You might have tried connecting with your members using a Facebook Group or Instagram page, and if so, you aren't alone. Social Media algorithms are a nightmare for University Groups, limiting your exposure, affecting user privacy and diminishing your group's identity. A dedicated app cuts through the noise and keeps you connected with members.

University Student Managing Society

Why You Need to Create a Thriving Community

It's Not Too Late To Act.

By not going above and beyond to engage with members you're missing out on growing memberships, better retention and increased student satisfaction. We help university groups and clubs like yours level up their engagement, to better connect with society members.

University Student Club

We help University Societies like yours

Run your Society Digitally

Everything You Need to Make an Impact

EdUnity helps you to run your University Club, Group or Society digitally. Connect with members through our built-in selection of messaging, posting and engagement tools. You can also use your app for events, bookings and payments.

Manage your app quickly

Helping You Run a Tight Ship

You can manage and update any part of your app in real-time. Using our platform, your changes are visible to users in under 5 minutes and you can share access to the App Manager with your whole team.

Why Choose EdUnity for your Society?

We Are A Team That Understands Your Society

EdUnity is a company that was built by students in the real-world. We prioritise experience and understand the needs of societies like yours - making us a natural fit for many university societies around the world. Today, the EdUnity you see has evolved from the collective input of over 100 students and educators around the world.

Speak to a University Advisor

Are you ready to explore how a University Society App could benefit you? You can schedule a free call with one of our University Specialists online.

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Book a free call with one of our University Specialists to find out how an app could help your society. Our Specialists will work with you to identify key objectives, discuss if an app is a suitable path for you and be happy to answer any questions. You can book a call here.

EdUnity Vs. Create Your Society and Unifi

EdUnity helps University Societies, Groups and Clubs to communicate with members, increase engagement and drive membership growth. See how we stack up against some of our closest alternatives.


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Popular Features for University Society Apps

We have over 50 different features and options that can be added to tailor an app to meet your University Society needs. Here are some of the most popular features added by University Societies, Groups and Clubs.











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3rd Parties

The Future University Society Experience

We have big plans for EdUnity, and, did you know we launch new features every month?

Future proof your University Society with a company that is continuously investing in the digital campus experience.

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EdUnity is an Education Technology company, working with University Societies like yours as well as Schools, Educational Establishments and Governments. We work hard on the future experience of education both on and off-campus, and it's why we are investing heavily in the future University Society experience.

We are constantly adding and exploring new features, with 80% of our product development informed by clients like you.


Choose the Plan for You

We are passionate about keeping app technology accessible and affordable to all University Societies, which is why we significantly are proud to offer plans from as little as £25/month, cheaper than your phone plan.


Ideal for smaller societies looking to get started with member engagement at a low price.

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Ideal for bigger societies looking to increase members, engagement and our advanced features.

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Save 10% on Yearly Plan

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Looking to buy for multiple societies or clubs? Manage multiple society apps centrally.

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