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The EdUnity you see today, has evolved from the collective input of more than 100 educators and school-leaders around the world. We prioritise the school experience, and understand the needs of schools - making us a natural fit for many schools around the world.

EdUnity School Communication and Parental Engagement App

The Techie Stuff

It is best not overlooked, but all apps built by EdUnity run universally (on iOS, Android and HTML5 devices). We also use the latest technology keeping your apps reliable and impressively fast.

Universally Compatible

Our apps are fully compatible with Apple iOS, Android and HTML5 devices so your app works on preferred devices.

Lightning Fast

Our super speedy app infrastructure, means a notification can be received by a parent in 50 milliseconds or 0.5 seconds.


Our apps require no on-site infrastructure and run 100% in the cloud keeping costs low, and your apps maintenance free.

Not All School Apps 🎨
Are Made Equal.

Parent Apps and Gateways vs. School Apps Explained

Traditionally, Parent Apps (or sometimes known as Gateways) use just one app, shared between sometimes 100s of schools and thousands of parents. It makes it very difficult to customise features and design, often negatively affecting performance and usability. Instead, every app we build - is made especially for one school, inside and out. This allows us to fully customise everything from design, to features, in crafting the ideal school app.

The Support Stuff

All our School Subscriptions are inclusive of any support needs. We offer a range of tools including On-Screen Guidance, regular Masterclass Webinars and free training with your dedicated advisor.

On-Screen Guidance

At the tap of a button, you can activate our on-screen guidance which shows you step-by-step how to use your school's app.

Rapid Support

Whether your prefer Live Chat, Email or Phone our team is ready to assist with any technical queries.

Dedicated Advisor

All our clients have access to a dedicated advisor to help with their app, parental engagement goals and more.

The Only School App,
That Gets Smarter.

Fully Customisable

Every aspect of your app is customisable from design, to choosing from more than 100 features to add.

EdUnity App Store

App Store

The EdUnity App Store brings new ways to extend your app with more features, integrations and customisations.

New Features

We are always investing in new features to keep your school's app state-of-the-art. It's why we release new features every month.

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School Savings Guarantee

Firstly, Yes, That Isn't a Typo.

In an industry first, we are putting our money where our mouth is. If your school doesn't save money by switching to EdUnity, we'll match the cost difference. It's that simple.

How EdUnity Compares

From 100s of features and design options to create the ideal school app to our support and technology, see how we compare against some of our closest competitors.


Other Competitors

Technical Support

100+ Features to Choose From

Fully Customisable School App

iOS and Android Compatible

Universally Compatible

GDPR Compliant

Encrypted as Standard

Cloud-Based Solution

Super Fast Infrastructure

Dedicated Advisor

Frequently Asked Questions

See some of our frequently asked questions. Did you know you can also tweet us @EdUnityOfficial with your questions?

What is a School App?

A School App, also known as a "School Mobile Application" is a piece of software which can be installed on a mobile, tablet or other smart device. School Apps are used for a wide range of purposes including parent communication, information sharing and school software management. School Apps should not be confused with portals, parent or gateway apps that offer a more restrictive set of features and limitations.

How are EdUnity Apps Different to Other School Apps?

EdUnity School Apps are built specifically to the school allowing for customisation of the design, features and functionality. Other School App providers can market services as 'Parent Apps' or 'Gateways' that can be downloaded to a mobile device and used in limited ways. These services, usually require schools to share a universal app which can limit functionality and negatively impair performance. Applications that are built specifically to a school's requirements allow for a better understanding of long-term needs and will ensure technology scales appropriately.

I Need A Custom Feature Or Integration, Can EdUnity Help?

Yes. We are happy to work with clients that require more advanced or customised features. It could range in use case from School Bus Tracking to integrating with a specific platform. If you have a requirement that is outside of our core features, it is certainly worth asking. Custom developments are quoted separately to subscriptions and your Advisor will be able to discuss the most appropriate way forward.

How Can I Get In Touch?

You can reach us by emailing hello@edunity.co or calling us on +44 (0) 2045 385 505. Alternatively, you can also speak to our team right now using the Live Chat on our website.

Powering Educational Service Providers Globally

Our technology is used by Educational Service Providers around the world  offering apps to schools and is a trusted provider of School App technology around the world.