Why Choose EdUnity?

Not all School Apps are built equally. At EdUnity we combine years worth of expertise across app design, school-tech and education to deliver unrivalled solutions for school parental engagement, administration and EdTech.
School Apps Designed By EdUnity

An Expertise Born in School-Tech

Born In A Real-World School Environment

EdUnity is a company that was built by students and teachers in the real-world. We prioritise the school experience, and understand the needs of educators - making us a natural fit for many schools around the world.

Today, the EdUnity you see, has evolved from the collective input of over a 100 educators and school-leaders around the world.

The Only School App,
That Gets Smarter.

EdUnity Marketplace Apps


Marketplace lets you expand the functionality of your School's App by adding and connecting with an ever growing list of third party services.

EdUnity Artificial Intelligence


We use Artificial Intelligence to improve productivity, optimise cost savings and unlock new possibilities across the school-technology ecosystem.

EdUnity New Features

New Features

EdUnity is constantly investing in the newest features to keep your School's technology state-of-the-art. It's why we release new features every month.

Not All Apps Are Made Equal.

There is a big difference between Parent or so called 'Gateway' apps vs. EdUnity.

Unlike traditional parent apps, every app we build - is made especially for your school, inside and out. This allows us to achieve a whole host of things not possible in traditional apps.

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High Performance Apps

As apps are individually made to the school, we can achieve much higher performance and improve the user experience.

Customisable Functionality

Many parent apps come with a 'take it or leave it' mentality, and not a great deal of flexibility. With EdUnity, the app is built around the features you need - and it's easy to add custom features that meet the unique requirements of your school.

Unique Design

Reinforce your school's identity and build bonds with parents by tailoring the design.

School Savings Guarantee

Firstly, Yes, That Isn't a Typo.

In an industry first, we are putting our money where our mouth is. If your school doesn't save on the cost of switching to EdUnity, we'll match the cost difference in your subscription renewal.

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Reduce Your School's Carbon Footprint

If every school in the United Kingdom switched to EdUnity, we could reduce Carbon Footprint Emissions by up to 15,000 tonnes a year - and if every school in Europe did the same it would equate to almost 250,000 tonnes! Together - small differences, can have a big impact.

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