Keeping everyone up to date has never been easier than with a School App Calendar. Easily accessible to parents across their preferred devices.
School Parent Communication App

No More Endless Searching

Instead of sending parents to websites, your social media pages or sending a monthly printed newsletter with upcoming events, you can bring it all together. A calendar is easily accessible within your School's App and makes it easy for parents to stay ahead of upcoming events.

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Multiple School Calendars Together

Whether you choose to operate one school calendar, or separate calendars for parents, staff and pupils - your School App is the ideal way to bring it all together.

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Connect Multiple Calendars In One Place

From Parent and Staff Calendars, to calendars you run on Office 365 or Google - we help you keep them in one place for everyone.

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An in-app school calendar is the ideal way to make sure parents are always up to date on school-life. No more endless searching for calendars and events, easily accessible and just taps away for parents inside your School's App.

Add Multiple Calendars

Calendar Separation

It's best not to confuse parent and staff calendars. That is why we make it easy to add all your calendars to one app - but still keep it clear, which event belongs where.

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Create Custom Events

Use our Calendar Manager

With our Calendar Manager you can create events directly within. Easily add information such as duration, location and RSVP links for simple management.

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Link to Existing Calendar Providers

Connects with Office 365 and Google Calendar

If you prefer to keep using an external calendar service, you can sync and integrate your calendar automatically. We support the iCAL protocol, meaning we sync all major calendar services including Office 365, Google Calendar and Outlook Calendar.

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Great Calendar Features
For Schools Like Yours.

Multiple Calendars

Add separate calendars for parents, school and staff.

Custom Events

With our built-in calendar manager create custom events.

Office 365

Sync to Microsoft Office 365 and Outlook Calendars.

Google Calendar

Sync events with Google Calendar for easy management.

Basic Fields

Add event information, duration and location details.

Advanced Fields

Include images, RSVP fields and links for advanced fields.

Some FAQs About Calendars

Calendars are an essential part of any school communication. It's vital parents are updated and have an easy overview of upcoming school events and activities.

Can We Sync Our Existing Calendar?

Yes! EdUnity supports the iCAL protocol, so we can connect and sync all major calendars including Google Calendar, Microsoft Office 365 and Outlook.

How Many Calendars Can We Create?

There is no limit on how many calendars you can add to your School's App.

How Do I Share an Upcoming Event?

Notifications are a great way to share an upcoming event or issue a reminder. You can also set-up an App-Link so when a parent taps your notification they see your event.

Ready to Get Started?

If you are ready to get started, reach out to us and we will connect you with a School Solutions Advisor to explore whether EdUnity is a good fit for your school.

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