What Are The Benefits of a School App?

From improved parental-satisfaction, greater technology cohesion to reduced costs - there is a lot to like about switching to a School App.

EdUnity School Communication and Parental Engagement App

School Apps Made For

Parental Engagement

Research is clear that good parental engagement strategies can lead to higher attainment levels. Leverage a School App to enhance your parental engagement strategies.

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Manage School Communications

School Apps Made For

School Communication

Centralise your School Communications with Parents and Students through your School App. Send messages in seconds or schedule them into the future.

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Increase School Parental Engagement Levels

School Apps Made For

School Administration

Save time and increase staff productivity by using a School App. From built-in electronic forms to communications and analytics, it's time to level up your school admin.

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Save Time and Money

A Way to Keep Parents,
In One Place.

Keep School Communication Simple.

If asking parents to check their emails, look on the school website and follow you on Facebook for updates sounds like a familiar story, then it might be time to think about an app for school.

Until now, it's been hard to get the balance right. Do you send a text to parents, send letters home, or endlessly chase up about that email you sent last week?

It can all get a bit tiresome. At EdUnity, our School App is the ideal way to create a 'one-stop' hub for parents. Share messages, events, updates, forms and even learning resources in just a few clicks. Accessible anywhere, and at anytime.

EdUnity For School Groups

Centralise key processes while enabling each school to have the optimal level of control over parental engagement and school communications.

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