Discover the Benefits of a School App.

From improved parental-satisfaction, greater technology cohesion to reduced costs - there is a lot to like about switching to a School App.

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Build a School Community

Use your School App for Parental Engagement

Building a strong digital school community is essential in the modern age. Research is clear that consistent levels of parental engagement and involvement can lead to higher student attainment levels and academic performance. Leverage a School App to enhance your parental engagement and communication strategies.

School Notifications

Your School Identity, Fully Customisable


An EdUnity School App is fully customisable, the design, colours and even features you need.

Enable Community Engagement


From a News Stream to Forums, the choice is yours but we have a range of apps to get people talking.

Respond Proactively to Parental Needs


Parent demand for School Apps is at an all-time high, and predicted to grow - respond proactively to needs.

Meet our School Savings Guarantee

In an industry first, we are putting our money where our mouth is. If your school doesn't save on the cost of switching to EdUnity, we'll match the cost difference in your subscription renewal.

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School Notifications

Communicate with Parents

Use your School App for Communication

Centralise your School Communications with Parents and Students through your School App. Send messages in seconds or schedule them into the future.

Emergency Broadcast Centre


School Closure or Emergency alert? Let parents know straight away with the Emergency Broadcast feature.

Send Attachments


Fed up of spam filters and missed emails? With an in-app mailbox you can still send those message.

Free Forever Messaging


Messaging and Notifications in-app are free with your subscription. No more SMS or Email charges.

More than meets the eye.
A whole lot more.

Powerful Integrations

With Marketplace you can enhance the functionality of your School's App. Add and connect to third-party apps and services.

Advanced Security

Leading the way forward in App Security, we are fully GDPR and DPA Compliant - leveraging the latest app security standards.

For Your School (Only)

Unlike other companies, we don't create generic apps. Every app is built uniquely for your school delivering unrivalled reliability.

Streamline and Improve the Way School-Tech Works

Use your School App to Streamline EdTech

If asking parents to check their email, read text messages, access the homework portal, and visit the School website sounds like a familiar story then it might be time for a School App. A School App is an opportunity to streamline and improve the way parents, pupils and staff engage with your School-Tech.Just one app. Plus with our Marketplace, you can now add a wide range (and forever growing) list of third-party services and tools to enhance your School's App.

The Only School App to Get Smarter with Time


Over time we add even more features and with Marketplace you have access to a growing list of third-party integrators. Did you also know? It's our clients who vote on new functionality we launch - so you can guide what the future of what your School App will be.

An Entirely Cloud-Based School App


Using our unique technology, your app is powered by the Cloud - so you can update content in real-time, no app store publishing delays and no expensive infrastructure costs. Add, remove or change a feature - and it's live in seconds.

An App Built Uniquely for your School


Each app is uniquely built and designed for your school. Unlike other providers, we don't use generic apps. This delivers unrivalled reliability, functionality and showcases your school identity left, right and centre.

Speak to a Solutions Advisor

Do you have a particular challenge around School Communication you are looking to address? Maybe your technology is in need of an update or you are fed up of paying over the odds for SMS and Email that simply doesn't deliver? If this sounds like a familiar story then our Solutions Advisors may be able to help, so book a free appointment and let us show you how we can help.

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"Parents Have a Clear Preference for Digital Communications."

- Kate Richards, Chief Inspector of the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) 2018

Both the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) and Ofsted, recognise the importance of effective school-home engagement and its impact on pupil attainment across the education spectrum. Effective school-communication is one of the simplest ways school leaders can address parental satisfaction and improve long-term school performance objectives.


Our School App

View some of our most commonly asked questions about School Apps.

How Are EdUnity Apps Different To Other School Apps?


When we say School App, every app is unique - it is your School's very own app, and this means there is an endless number of ways to customise it and tailor it to your School. Other providers offer things like a 'Parent App' that can be downloaded and used in limited ways - but beware! This is not a School App. If you have a question about this or specific questions, we would encourage you to speak to a Solutions Advisor who can help.

How Quickly Can I Have A School App?


That's up to you! It can be within just a couple of weeks by the time all changes and iterations are finished. We advise schools to get in early, busy periods around April and the Summer Holidays can mean higher demand and may slightly increase waiting times.

How Often Are New Features Released?


We release new features and improvements every month. Once more, it's our schools who decide what we release. Clients can vote on new functionality and features, so over time, your app will keep getting smarter and better!


School App

Our frequently asked questions about School App pricing.

What is the School Savings Guarantee?


We know that Schools can save money by switching to EdUnity - which is why if you don't save on the cost of switching to EdUnity we will match the cost difference in your subscription renewal.


The Research

and Evidence
Ever wondered what the research and evidence say about School Communication? Here are some of the key take aways.

What has successful school-home communication been attributed to?


Successful parental communication and school-home engagement has been linked to a number of areas, but the key benefits for schools can be summarised as:

1. Attributed to higher student grades and pupil attainment levels (American Psychology Association, 2014)
2. Attributed to increasing the likelihood of post-secondary education (Grand Rapids Public School District, 2018)
3. Attributed to developing student confidence in the classroom (Journal of Education and Practice, Volume 7, 2016)
3. Attributed to stimulating good classroom behaviour (Journal of Education and Practice, Volume 7, 2016)

How can EdUnity Help Our School 'Evidence' Parental-Engagement?


Evidencing parental engagement is one of those school headaches. Both Ofsted and ISI state the importance of school-home engagement, but there is no clear way to evidence progression. Well, until EdUnity. We use built-in Analytics to provide you a detailed overview of how parents and students are using your School's App. It is a great way of providing supporting evidence to school inspectors and monitoring your school's progress over time.

How can you help our school to improve engagement levels?


Using our Analytics data, and expertise in Apps and home engagement, our team is always ready to lend a hand. We can help your school draft winning strategies that deliver improved and sustained levels of engagement, without taking up additional time or resources. Simply speak to us in the App Manager and we can put together simple steps and strategies, then review these with you to find what works best for your school community.

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