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Reach Parents with School App Notifications

Instant, Unlimited and Free School Messaging.

Push Notifications are the ideal school alternative to SMS and Email. Utilising your School's existing app, you can quickly reach parents in seconds across all of their devices.

We help schools like yours to

EdUnity for Communication

What the Research Says

Studies show that parental-engagement has wide ranging impacts across school-life, attributed to higher attendance, child self-confidence and student attainment. Can you afford to ignore the importance of effective school communication?

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We sometimes overlook the importance and impacts of successful communication across school-life. Despite this, the research and evidence is clear.

Studies show that persistent and effective school communication is linked to higher attendance levels (Epstein & Sheldon, 2002, p. 309), developing child self-confidence (Wairimu et al., 2016, p. 96) and increasing student attainment and the achievement of post-secondary education (Fan & Chen, 2001, p. 4).

At EdUnity, we deliver apps that offer communication fit for the 21st century, built around world-leading research.

Advanced User Grouping and Management

Manage Users and Groups

You can send messages to specific groups, whether an after school club, pupils of a particular bus route or parents in a class. You can also connect and sync Class Groups between your School's Management Information System and EdUnity.

School Savings Guarantee

In an industry first, we are putting our money where our mouth is. If your school doesn't save on the cost of switching to EdUnity, we'll match the cost difference in your subscription renewal.

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More than meets the eye.
A whole lot more.


Send messages straight away - or schedule to send later. A simple, but effective productivity booster for your entire school team.

Deep-Link Actions

Sending a reminder to fill out a form? This time, tap the message and we'll open the form. Messages are more actionable, in just a tap.


Tap into a range of 3rd Party tools for Communication to let your School's App do even more.

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Parents Have a Clear Preference for Digital Communications.

Kate Richards, Chief Inspector of the Independent Schools Inspectorate ISI) 2018

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Kate Richards, Chief Inspector of the ISI


Both the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) and Ofsted, recognise the importance of effective school-home engagement and its impact on pupil attainment across the education spectrum. Effective school-communication is one of the simplest ways school leaders can address parental satisfaction and improve long-term school performance objectives.


School Apps for Communication

In an era of hyper-communication, society has shifted to demand more from schools by way of communication. It's not just expectations, the data is clear to on how effective communication can lead to higher attainment levels. Yet despite this, many schools lack access to the tools and resources that can truly augment and enhance your school communication.

What are the Difference Communication Tools Available?

EdUnity offers a number of different communication tools that can be adapted to meet a wide range of scenarios.

1. Notifications: Notifications are similar to Text Messages, best for shorter messages and reminders that should be seen quickly by parents or your school community.

2. Mailbox: For times when you need to send longer messages, attachments or rich media such as photos and videos, every user has a dedicated in-app Mailbox to receive and reply to these messages.

3. Alert System: The Alert System can be used to display a repeated warning, for example, in case of a COVID Hygiene Reminder or Tornado Alert. They don't distract users, but present reoccurring reminders for important messages.

With Marketplace, you can also discover a wide range of 3rd Party tools that extend your app's functionality with features such as Bulk SMS, Email Messaging and automatic Social Media posts.

Are Communications included with all Subscriptions?

Yes! There are no additional costs. Included with every subscription, is free and unlimited use of the communication tools and features in EdUnity. We believe in strong school-home engagement, and therefore never apply any usage limits or extra charges, as we want your school to make the most of communication tools available.

Can We Change the Communication Features Over Time?

Yes, it is easy to add or remove features from your app at anytime. Meaning if your communication needs change over time, you can adjust your app to meet your current needs. Our team are always happy to assist in-app, and can add new features as needed.


The Research

and Evidence
Ever wondered what the research and evidence say about School Communication? Here are some of the key take aways.

What has successful school-home communication been attributed to?

Successful parental communication and school-home engagement has been linked to a number of areas, but the key benefits for schools can be summarised as:

1. Attributed to higher student grades and pupil attainment levels (American Psychology Association, 2014)
2. Attributed to increasing the likelihood of post-secondary education (Grand Rapids Public School District, 2018)
3. Attributed to developing student confidence in the classroom (Journal of Education and Practice, Volume 7, 2016)
3. Attributed to stimulating good classroom behaviour (Journal of Education and Practice, Volume 7, 2016)

How can EdUnity Help Our School 'Evidence' Parental-Engagement?

Evidencing parental engagement is one of those school headaches. Both Ofsted and ISI state the importance of school-home engagement, but there is no clear way to evidence progression. Well, until EdUnity. We use built-in Analytics to provide you a detailed overview of how parents and students are using your School's App. It is a great way of providing supporting evidence to school inspectors and monitoring your school's progress over time.

How can you help our school to improve engagement levels?

Using our Analytics data, and expertise in Apps and home engagement, our team is always ready to lend a hand. We can help your school draft winning strategies that deliver improved and sustained levels of engagement, without taking up additional time or resources. Simply speak to us in the App Manager and we can put together simple steps and strategies, then review these with you to find what works best for your school community.


School App

Our frequently asked questions about Notifications.

Is there a Character Limit on Notifications?

No! On long messages we will show a preview (about 240 characters) but parents can tap the notification to view the full message in your app. Just like a text message.

Can We Send Attachments with Notifications?

You can set a Notification to open a particular page in the app or URL. To send attachments you can use the Inbox, parents will still receive an alert when they have a new messages.

Why are Notifications Free on EdUnity?

One of our core objectives is to enable better parental engagement (check out our Mission Statement) - and we know it's hard to do that if at the back of your mind you're thinking every time you contact parents it will be charged. So that is it, we want to help you achieve greatness in communication.

How Quickly are notifications received?

Push Notifications use our super speedy app infrastructure, and in technical terms, your notifications can be received by users in 50 milliseconds (0.5 seconds). It is a lot quicker and more reliable than using SMS or Email as you aren't reliant on third-party infrastructure or cellular service.

Where can users see notifications?

Unlike an SMS, you can see notifications on whichever device you are using. Whether you're wearing a Smart Watch, using your Phone or a Tablet - your school messages are there to be seen. All you need is your School's App installed on your device, and we are good to go.

What Happens if I'm Not Connected to the Internet?

Notifications need either a WiFi or Data Connection to the internet to be received, if you are temporarily not connected - messages will be synced and received as soon as the device connects. If you are on a mobile data connection, receiving a notification is unlikely to incur any data charges owing to their small size. To put it in perspective, to fully use a 1GB data plan - you would need to receive 1 million notifications.

Are Notifications Reliable for Parents in a slow internet connectivity area?

Notifications have a maximum size of 2 kilobytes, meaning they are very small "files". Even on a very slow or unreliable internet connection they will take seconds to load and be received almost instantly making them suitable for those on both slow and fast internet connections. As a result, in areas with limited phone or cellular service, notifications can be a particularly good alternative for parents and schools.

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