Building The World's Smartest School Apps

When we founded EdUnity, we did so with the goal to help schools unify their school-tech and unite their school community.

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Originally Founded By Three Secondary School Students

EdUnity was originally founded by three secondary school students, Tim Collins, Tom Dee and Ben Harland who have long held a vision to make it easier for schools to engage and communicate with their parents and students.

Having originally built an App for their own school, they quickly understood the remarkable impact of effective apps. A place where parents, students and staff could come together to keep up to date, share school-news and events. By leveraging their expertise, and a passion for education - the first prototype was built and EdUnity was born.

Today EdUnity aims to bring a fresh perspective to School-Tech combining the ideas of teachers, parents and students and making the power of tailor-made apps to schools a reality worldwide.

The Values EdUnity Believes In

Fostering a culture of innovation, excellence and integrity.


We strive for a transparent culture, one which can be a trusted and reliable partner for schools and education.


We believe in the concept of 'Kaizen' or continuous improvement and a culture of innovation that leads to excellence.


We believe we have a responsibility to uphold a culture of privacy, safety and security when it comes to data.


We are committed to playing our part in a more sustainable future, and helping schools to get there too.

How We Build The World's Smartest School Apps

Traditionally, Schools have had limited options when it's come down to Apps. Bespoke apps have been out of reach to many, owing to the costs of hiring developers and IT teams - while so called Gateway and Parent Apps have flooded markets with underwhelming results.

The challenge with Gateways and Parent Apps, is they often use a shared platform for all schools, offering limited flexibility to build an App that truly fit's within your school's strategy and needs.

This is where EdUnity's uniquely engineered approach offers a big step up to schools. Every app we design is uniquely built offering 1000s of customisations from design, to functionality - ensuring a School App, that works for your parents, staff and students alike.