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EdUnity provides tailor made School Apps that help you tackle school communication, improve parental engagement and harness the power of technology to save your team time and money.

School Comms
Send an Event Reminder
Send Long Form Messages
Create COVID Alerts
Parental Engagement
Sharing a News Post
Share Photos from a Field Trip
Add a Calendar Event
School Admin
Collect E-Form Responses
Schedule Messages and Posts
Manage Users With Groups

School Apps Made For

Parent Engagement

Foster a strong school and parent community with School News, Calendars and Engagement Analytics.

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Manage School Communications

School Apps Made For

School Communication

One place for all your school communications with built-in Mailboxes, Notifications and Alerts.

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Increase School Parental Engagement Levels

School Apps Made For

School Administration

Keep School Administration simple with built in E-Forms, Integrations and a range of staff productivity tools.

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Save Time and Money

School Apps Made For Parent Engagement

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Discover the EdUnity Difference

The EdUnity you see today, has evolved from the collective input of school-leaders, administrators and parents around the world. We prioritise the school experience, and understand the needs of schools - making us a natural fit for many.

Integrate 100+ Services with the EdUnity App Store

Works on Any Device with Universal Support

Lightning Fast, Works in the Cloud with No Infrastructure

Encrypted Apps,
Keeping Your Parents
Students and Staff

Fully Customisable School Apps

On-Screen Guidance

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School Apps Made Simple With EdUnity

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100+ Features


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Popular Features For School Apps

We believe that every School is unique, and your School App should reflect that. Discover how tools such as E-Forms, Notifications and News Stream can help you improve the way you connect with parents on a daily basis. Tap below to explore some of our most popular features.

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9 Questions to Ask When Choosing a School App

A School App can be transformative for parental engagement, school communication and IT. Yet introducing a new piece of tech into your school’s ecosystem is a big decision to make.

From parent apps to classroom gateways and school apps, there are a range of platforms to choose from, so how do you decide which is the right one for you?

In this post, we will ask nine key questions to help you choose the right school app.

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Why Parental Engagement Should Matter To You

Whether you want to increase attendance, boost attainment levels, tackle classroom behaviour or build a positive reputation for your school. Successful parental engagement has been linked across all areas of school-life.


Studies show that schools which have higher levels of parental engagement, also see higher Student Attendance rates when compared against other schools.


Parental engagement has been linked to attainment and academic progression. An engaged community, is vital in helping  students succeed academically.


It's a lesser known link, however, consistent parental engagement has been linked to improved classroom and student behaviour.


Parents can be your biggest critics - or your strongest advocates, and keeping them engaged can have long lasting benefits to your school's reputation.


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