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EdUnity provides tailor made School Apps that help you tackle school communication, improve parental engagement and harness the power of technology to save your team time and money.
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Why Does Your School Need An App?

We help schools in a number of ways. From managing school communications and parental  engagement, to productivity and cost savings, we create Apps that are tailor made to suit your school's needs. Here are a few of the ways we help schools like yours.

Do You Feel Like You Are Doing
Everything Twice? ⏰

We Understand, That is Why We Built EdUnity With The Input of Over a 100 Educators.

Your workload can get heavy when you use a mix of text messages, emails, letters and more to reach parents. That is why we created School Apps. One app, with everything in one place for parents and students. All while we help you save time as well.

We help schools like yours

One School App,
Everything in One Place.

Easily Accessible For Parents, Students and Teachers On Their Favourite Devices.

Bring everything to one place for parents and students. A dedicated school app lets you manage messages, news, events and more in one place. A self-contained app can help parents to navigate school life and help your team spend less time on admin.

Why Choose EdUnity?

EdUnity is a company that was built by students and teachers. We prioritise the school experience, and understands the intuitive needs of educators - making us a natural fit for many schools and colleges around the world.

Universally Compatible

Our apps are fully compatible with Apple iOS, Android and HTML5 devices so your app works on preferred devices.

Lightning Fast

Our super speedy app infrastructure, means a notification can be received by a parent in 50 milliseconds or 0.5 seconds.


Our apps require no on-site infrastructure and run 100% in the cloud keeping costs low, and your apps maintenance free.

Frequently Asked Questions

See some of our frequently asked questions. Did you know you can also tweet us @EdUnityOfficial with your questions?

What is a School App?

A School App, also known as a "School Mobile Application" is a piece of software which can be installed on a mobile, tablet or other smart device. School Apps are used for a wide range of purposes including parent communication, information sharing and school software management. School Apps should not be confused with portals, parent or gateway apps that offer a more restrictive set of features and limitations.

How Are EdUnity Apps Different To Other School Apps?

EdUnity School Apps are built specifically to the school allowing for customisation of the design, features and functionality. Other School App providers can market services as 'Parent Apps' or 'Gateways' that can be downloaded to a mobile device and used in limited ways. These services, usually require schools to share a universal app which can limit functionality and negatively impair performance. Applications that are built specifically to a school's requirements allow for a better understanding of long-term needs and will ensure technology scales appropriately.

What Kind Of Support Does EdUnity Provide?

EdUnity offers dedicated support with all subscription plans. This includes Live Chat assistance within the School App Manager, Email and Telephony Support. Schools also benefit from access to a School Solutions Advisor to get the most out of an app during their subscription as well as built-in 'On Screen Guidance' to dramatically reduce training and on-boarding requirements.

Does EdUnity Work With School Groups And Multi-Academy Trusts?

Yes. EdUnity offers a Trust Solution that is geared towards Group set-ups. A minimum of 3 schools on a single license is required to access this service. Please contact us to discuss Group Solutions with an Advisor.

I Need A Custom Feature Or Integration, Can EdUnity Help?

Yes. We are happy to work with clients that require more advanced or customised features. It could range in use case from School Bus Tracking to integrating with a specific platform. If you have a requirement that is outside of our core features, it is certainly worth asking. Custom developments are quoted separately to subscriptions and your Advisor will be able to discuss the most appropriate way forward.

Are Messages & Communications Included Free?

Yes. All our App Subscriptions include free and unlimited use of our communication tools. This means you can send as many Notifications, Inbox Messages and Instant Messages as you need without incurring additional costs.

How Much Does A School App Cost?

A range of subscription plans exist to make apps accessible to all schools, a fundamental part of our mission at EdUnity. These plans start at £80 per month up to £250 per month for large schools. We do not charge any set-up fees or usage quotas. For more advanced configurations, such as for a University, or Multi-Academy Trust we advise speaking to a Solutions Advisor who will be able to assist further.

What Are Your Supported Billing Methods?

We accept payments via BACS, Bank Transfer, Cheque or Credit/Debit Card. All subscriptions are billed annually and prices exclude VAT where applicable.

Does EdUnity Offer A Free Trial?

No, EdUnity does not offer a free trial. As every app is built specifically to your school it simply isn't possible to. We can however go through demonstrations and explore requirements in detail before there is any commitment. You can also try our free demo app by clicking here.

Is EdUnity Compliant With GDPR And Other Regulatory Requirements?

EdUnity is fully compliant with GDPR and regulatory requirements in the United Kingdom and European Union. EdUnity is also registered with Dun & Bradstreet and holds a D-U-N-S® number. A D-U-N-S® number is a unique identifier for a company, used internationally to establish and conduct checks on a business’ compliance, activities and operations.

What Are Features?

Every school app is made up of individual features, for example, an in-app mailbox or a calendar page. These features, when added together create the overall app for your School. We have many features available both created by EdUnity, as well as a wide range of third-parties in the EdUnity App Store.

What Is The EdUnity App Store & How Do Integrations Work?

The EdUnity App Store is a place you can go to discover new features, apps and services that plugin and connect with your School App. As a result of the EdUnity App Store, your app can get smarter over time, driven by new third-parties and apps that will be made available.

How Often Are New Features Released?

We release new features and improvements every month. Once more, it's our schools who decide what we release. Clients can vote on new functionality and features, so over time, your app will keep getting smarter and better!

How Quickly Can We Have A School App?

That's up to you! It can be within just a couple of weeks by the time all changes and iterations are finished. We advise schools to get in early, busy periods around April and the Summer Holidays can mean higher demand and may slightly increase waiting times.