What is a School App?

A School App can be used for communication and parental-engagement as well as to help optimise school administration and cost-savings. EdUnity creates apps for schools that build community, streamline administration and better connects school-tech.
School Apps Designed By EdUnity

Problem Statement

How Do You Make Sure That Parents Stay Involved In School and Their Child's Education?

We sometimes overlook the importance of successful communication across school life. Studies show us parental engagement has impacts across school life. Attributed to higher attendance, pupil self-confidence and student attainment. Can you afford to ignore the importance of effective school communication?

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More than meets the eye.
A whole lot more.

Unleash the power of integrated school-tech with an app for school that does more. Share the latest news, centralise school communication or even add learning resources and customised content. The EdUnity Marketplace is the ideal way to discover an ever growing list of third-parties that integrate and connect seamlessly with your school's app.

Share calendar events, messages and school news with an app for school.

Everything in One Place

If asking parents to check their emails, look on the school website or follow you on social media for updates sounds like a familiar story then it might be time to think about an app for school.

EdUnity School Apps are the perfect way to create a one-stop hub for parents, students and teachers. Sharing messages, events, updates or even learning resources can be done in a few clicks. For your school community - it's accessible anywhere, anytime.

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Until now, it's been hard to get the balance right. Do we ask parents to keep up to date on social media, to look on the website, or endlessly chase  up about emails we sent last week? It can all get a bit tiresome.

At EdUnity, we pride ourselves on creating School Apps that are adaptable to meet your needs. Our goal is to reduce your workload, by getting one platform, that serves everyone in the school properly.

Communications, news, photos, learning resources should all be in one place, and with an EdUnity School App, they are.

What Can a School App Do?


EdUnity has many different tools and services built-in that offer a wide range of functionality suitable for most schools. Where a customisation is needed, EdUnity has been built in a way that offers exceptionally high degree of flexibility from design to functionality, to be the only school app that gets smarter with time.

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School Savings Guarantee

In an industry first, we are putting our money where our mouth is. If your school doesn't save on the cost of switching to EdUnity, we'll match the cost difference in your subscription renewal.

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Enhance Your School's App
With 3rd Party Apps from Marketplace

Add 3rd Party Apps

Sick and tired of endless apps? We are too, but with your School's App you can now add 3rd party apps and services straight into your school's app.

Regular New Features

We invest significantly into keeping your app cutting-edge, that's why we release more new features a month than any other school app provider.

We Listen

Cliché we know, but hear us out. 90% of our product development is informed by feedback and suggestions from schools like yours.

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We hope you have learned a little more about what an App for School can mean. Next up, may we suggest taking a look at how we can help you achieve your Parental Engagement goals? Or if you have a specific question why not Contact Us?

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