How to Create a School Parent Survey That Gets Results

Parent Surveys have an important role to play in schools. They provide an effective way to get a pulse of parental satisfaction whilst also enabling schools to pre-emptively address problem areas.

As a rule of thumb - schools should look to conduct two parent surveys a year, this will help keep a pulse on how your parent community feels, and allow sufficient time to monitor any changes.

But we all know, running surveys can also be a fairly inefficient and tedious process. Printing a survey on paper and sending it home? Setting aside the time and cost implications of distributing and counting all those surveys for a moment, it’s also a rather hit and miss exercise. Paper surveys rarely make it home and back in one piece - and whether the results come directly from parents is questionable.

Then that leaves the likes of SurveyMonkey, an easy online survey creator. Perhaps a little more complicated than needed, and at a premium cost of £2,700 a year - we’re betting that’s a little more than you’re willing to spend for the occasional school survey. Of course, there’s some free alternatives, and whether you share them via email or social media - they present an easy way to collate response.

Yet at EdUnity, we have an even easier option for you. Take advantage of your School’s App and create an in-app Survey. You don’t need to worry about printing it, or sending it out via email and SMS. Simply add a Survey, and take advantage of tools such as Notifications to start collecting parent responses.

Survey supports all major form response types including short-text, multi-text, drop-downs and ratings. Need help putting together a great school parent survey? Contact our team on Live Chat who will be happy to help out!

Once you’ve collected enough results, EdUnity lets you view the results with helpful charts and summaries directly in the App Manager, or you can download responses in a Spreadsheet format for a more in-depth look.

The best part, Surveys is free and included with all EdUnity School App Subscriptions (from just £89/month). No limits on the number of surveys you can create, or number of survey responses.